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The Young African Leaders Summit which is an initiative and subsidiary of The Young Global Leaders Network  is a global movement of young change agents dedicated to training its cohort to take up leadership roles to influence the future of Africa and the world at large and to provide a platform for young aspiring leaders across Africa to converge and discuss innovative ideas and brainstorm new ways of dealing with challenges that African youths are confronted with.


The Summit shall also provide a platform for impactful and professional networking. Keynote speeches, panel discussions, breakout session/group discussions, African Youth General Assembly session (Africa Union Model) initiative, socialization/networking session, dinner and awards presentation session. The summit aims to;

  • To provide a unique platform for youth leaders across Africa to exchange experience and ideas and empower them to possess the tools needed to realize their vision for a better community

  • To foster and boost a continental network for the youth leaders to pursue cross-border community projects with actionable roadmaps to address some of Africa’s pressing issues

  • To thoroughly discuss and brainstorm solutions to challenges being confronted by the African youth and develop projects/initiatives that will help solve or address these challenges

  • To contribute to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals

About Leadership Africa Summit

The Leadership Africa Summit is the country’ 1st gathering of high-achieving young professional African leaders, entrepreneurs, and people who cherish Africa. The Leadership Africa Summit is not your typical conference, it brings together a diverse group of young professionals and game-changers. The Summit offers lively conversations and generates rich networking opportunities while providing learning opportunities in leadership, entrepreneurship, branding, and culture. The Leadership Africa Summit promise a speaker lineup of thought leaders and doers with powerful stories and teachings that inspire and inform.