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With long-term savings pool estimated at over R2.250 trillion, South Africa is comparatively best positioned to make the most of impact investment strategies in sub-Saharan Africa. Especially with access to education, health and food - themes that will make significant impact to the social demographics of South Africa.  

However, unlocking impact capital at scale is hampered by lack of experience which prevents investment committees and trustees from allowing their investment teams to make impact capital commitments.  As well as limited availability of investment vehicles that offer the required diversification of risk. This Immersion is designed to get people who determine how and where money is deployed to allocate significant sums of private investment capital to funding enterprises and interventions that optimise social, environmental and financial impact.

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Johannesburg, South Africa, South Africa

About Investing Impact Capital

Investing Impact Capital is a content-led ecosystem committed to addressing the key issues facing emerging and frontier markets asset owners, asset consultants and investment managers with the appetite to allocate capital to traditional and alternative asset classes that deliver sustainable impact without compromising financial performance. It is an industry-led initiative and a unique platform for leaders in emerging and frontier markets' sustainable investment space to educate their target audience with content and thought leadership, promote their brand, communicate innovation in products and portfolios that enable institutional investors to invest for impact