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Having identified that addressing the demand and supply gap for investible projects is critical to growing the impact investments industry then ultimately achieving sustainable and inclusive growth in Africa, increasing the availability of investment-ready firms in the region is essential and will thus require an understanding by various stakeholders especially African diaspora entrepreneurs, innovators and investors of the key requirements for building innovative and bankable impact businesses that attracts impact investors and solves Africa’s social and environmental challenges.

Therefore, the Impact Investing in Africa forum will bring together African entrepreneurs, innovators, global investors, government officials, foundations, family offices in an intimate environment for a focused discussion on the fundamentals and explore the latest developments in the sector. Participants will share knowledge and best practices; promote collaboration and networking that would help take their businesses to the next level and develop the sector.


  • What is Impact Investing?
  • Who are Africa’s Impact Investors?
  • Which sectors are they interested in?
  • Building bankable impact businesses in Africa: the key elements
  • How ready are African entrepreneurs and businesses for global investors?
  • What does Impact Investors require from African entrepreneurs?
  • What do you need to be investment-ready for impact investments?
  • Where should entrepreneurs and innovators with scalable business models and projects go to access finance?


  • Gain insight and learn from the industry experts
  • Discover exactly what investors want
  • Learn the modalities for accessing finance
  • Meet and network with like-minded professionals and senior executives
  • Update your knowledge and share best practices
  • Increase your network and develop new business relationships and contacts

Location and directions

4-5 Bonhill St., Shoreditch, London, EC2A 4BX, United Kingdom

About Alliance 54

Alliance 54 is focused on promoting impact investing and trade in order to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth by developing platforms that connects global businesses and investors to partners and opportunities in Africa. It is committed to leading the African message of ‘market readiness’ globally and helps overseas companies and organisations in Europe, America, Asia and Australia to develop their business, find partners, enter the African market, expand and grow with ease.