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The Africa Business Club, at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School is proud to present the Africa Business Conference 2021. This year, the premier conference challenges participants to consider Africa’s place in an ever expanding global network. Participants in both domestic and international settings will ultimately better understand and navigate the world they will find themselves in.


The Africa Business Conference is our organization's signature event that brings together students, professionals, and policymakers from across the United States and the African continent. The theme for this year’s conference is: Rethinking Africa in the world beyond COVID-19. 


The conference will explore its theme through four panels:

  • Healthcare - Post Covid-19: Restructuring Healthcare Systems in Africa
  • Technology - Bridging the Digital Divide in Africa Post Covid-19
  • Finance and Development - Beyond Remittances: Mobilizing the Diaspora to Meet Africa’s Development Needs
  • Youth, Leadership, Employment, Entrepreneurship, and Development - Empowering the next generation of African leaders to foster economic development


About Hopkins Africa Business Club

The Africa Business Club exists to increase the awareness within the Hopkins community of the business opportunities in Africa. Their activities are professional, educational and social in nature, and are open to all members of Hopkins. At the core, this club is driven by a group of graduate students passionate about Africa, backed by the faculties and departments of the oldest and renowned research institutions in the world.