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The High Growth Africa Summit is exclusively dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs how to build, scale and fund high growth businesses in Africa.

Organised by Starta and Ingressive, this summit gathers the top entrepreneurs, investors and stakeholders from Africa, Silicon Valley and Europe to discuss how to build, scale and fund high growth businesses in Africa.

This is a mission-driven summit.

The focus is on practical how-to guides on strategy, tactics and tools startup founders can use to grow their businesses in Africa, and how investors can discover and fund the best companies on the continent.

Last year, we had speakers from 500 Startups, GitHub, Potential Group, Intel Capital, Tiger Management and a host of other industry leaders.

High Growth Africa Summit 2017 by Ingressive and Starta is for you if you are building a tech-enabled business in Africa, want to learn how to 10x your growth, meet local and international investors and network with other A players.

Location and directions

Lagos, Nigeria

About Starta Advisory

Starta is on a mission to make it easier for entrepreneurs and investors to build, discover and track high growth business opportunities in Africa. They do this through content and data and believe that billion dollar businesses will emerge from the continent. Starta wants to contribute to making this happen.

Starta are part of Potential Group, one of the fastest growing enterprises in the world that invests in, creates and helps grow startups.