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The Africa Energy Forum (AEF 2021) is a conference dedicated to power infrastructure projects in Africa as international investors are interested in funding power projects to supply the massive demand for power in Africa. The Africa Energy Forum (AEF 2021) brings together African governments and power utilities and the global energy industry. Reunited. In One Place. The 23rd Africa Energy Forum (aef) will arrive in London in November 2021, once again uniting governments, utilities and regulators with Development Finance Institutions, commercial banks, power developers, technology providers, EPCs and professional services. 


Over the last 22 years the Forum has earnt a reputation as the most meaningful gathering of decision-makers in African energy to form partnerships, identify opportunities and move the industry forward. We hand-pick the most credible organisations in the sector, delivering an intensive networking experience like no other.

About Energynet Africa

EnergyNet seeks to connect businesses and promote investment in the African power sector. Our investment meetings include the Africa Energy Forum and the Powering Africa: Series- high-level, interactive dialogues which take place across Africa, the USA and Asia. Find out about our latest events, programme and speaker updates and details on how to register. We work with 23 different governments and national utilities to facilitate investment summits where international investors can build relationships with credible African public sector stakeholders to advance access to power. 


Best known for the Africa Energy Forum, EnergyNet also produces the Regional Energy Summit in Senegal and the Powering Africa Summit in Miami, as well as our Latin America meetings Latin America & Caribbean Gas Conference in Peru and Latin America Energy Forum in Miami.Our meetings gather the experts from the public and private sector to uncover investment opportunities, take stock of project developments and debate the critical issues affecting the energy sectors of emerging markets.