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The theme for this year’s conference is Disruptive Opportunities in Emerging Markets: Africa as a Case Study. We hope to facilitate a conversation highlighting industries taking advantage of a lack of legacy infrastructure or legal framework to provide creative solutions that address the continent’s growing needs; thus, displacing the incumbents and reestablishing a new template for doing business for the world.


Emerging markets have largely been seen as double-digit growth markets. Markets that have hit an inflection point in development and made a push towards economic growth and prosperity. But from a business perspective, what has made this possible? And what disruptive opportunities are being exploited?


At this year's conference, we examine Africa as a case study and delve into a number of sectors and functions to understand one of the main drivers of economic growth: DISRUPTION. Through our panels we cut across, Energy, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Education, Seed/Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship and Social Impact sectors… and we explore how we can harness disruption for further growth and true prosperity.


The event will feature an incredible lineup of speakers from organizations including The US-African Development Foundation, African Capital Alliance Group, The African Technology Foundation, Medtronic Labs (Africa), Microclinic Technologies, IFC, Microsoft, McKinsey, Y Combinator and more. You will also have an opportunity to connect with 300+ professionals from around the world. So, see you here!


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Location and directions

Duke University Fuqua School of Business, 100 Fuqua Drive, Durham, 27709, United States

About Duke Business in Africa Club

The Duke Business in Africa Club was founded in 2011 by a team of students at Fuqua interested in African business developments. From its humble beginnings of just 30 people, the club grew to a 200+ person strong mailing list. The club boasts a diverse cabinet comprised of individuals with varying interests and experience in Africa. The club is led by co-presidents Idris Dosunmu and Leah Farmer. We are currently made up of 75 active members of the Fuqua community.