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Africa Trade and Investment Convention will gather 1000-plus key economic players such as government delegations and policy makers, high-profile African leaders, project developers, investors and entrepreneurs. The 2-days event will provide a unique platform to gain strategic knowledge about African investment opportunities and business networking.


The convention will cover economic sectors such as manufacturing and infrastructure development, agribusiness, Renewable Energy, Real Estate transportation, Digital Technology tourism, Financing SMEs, Women in Business,Healthcare,telecommunications and Fintech and natural resources sectors. High-potential projects in Africa will be presented to international investors. Featured agenda items will include projects showcase, capacity building workshops deal marketplace, exhibition, country presentations, and among others.


Africa Trade and Investment Convention is a business conference and exhibition designed specifically:

  • To promote and facilitate international trade between Africa and Europe, North America and Asia
  • To facilitate foreign direct investment into Africa
  • Provide a platform for businesses to expand into new markets
  • Build networks and technical capacities for entrepreneurs


This an excellent opportunity that will enable you to:

  • Make visible the investment and trade opportunities in different African countries
  • Connect foreign companies with competent authorities, and businesses from Africa
  • Facilitate SMEs and Start-ups to find an alternative financing solution that local banks do not offer
  • To discuss investment opportunities for the African Diaspora 

About Changemaker International

Changemaker International was founded in the Netherlands in 2015 to offer international development services. Our key services include training, trade and investment advisory, Investment facilitation and organising trade investment missions from Europe to Africa and Africa to Europe. We organise these activities in collaboration with Government Ministries, African Embassies and partner organisations in Africa and Europe. Through our networks we connect European Startups and established  companies with entrepreneurs and government agencies in Africa.