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The African Business Convention (ABC) is a premier convening of business and thought leaders, policy makers, investors, and entrepreneurs across Africa, presenting a unique platform for insightful debates around the prevailing challenges confronting businesses on the continent and the emerging opportunities therein.


The objectives and motivations of the convention is to create a platform for strengthen dialogue between governments and organised businesses in Africa, with the aim of removing barriers to investment and enable the growth and prosperity of African Businesses, drive discourse that will help set the agenda for businesses in Africa, and aggregation of business interests across Africa and policy knowledge sharing across the continent for the purpose of increasing productivity, business growth and profit.


The convention engenders high-level leadership encounters, lively debate and cutting-edge insights. The program of events is curated to deliver incisive intelligence and exclusive networking opportunities such as knowledge sharing, public-private sector dialogue and professional networking with an aim of making a change.

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