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After the success from the first two editions of the Africa Bank 4.0 Summit, BII World is delighted to present the regional editions under the flagship of Africa Bank 4.0 Summit. With the emergence of Neo banks in the region, the gap between the banked and unbanked segment in the region is further narrowing through their efforts. Neo banks are challenging your mainstream banks with the exceptional customer support services and turnaround time in service delivery.


Gathering the crème-le-da-crème of West Africa’s Fintech sector to address solutions around transforming the region’s digital financial services roadmap, the 5th Africa Bank 4.0 Summit will focus on enhancing the coverage of access to finance across the region is fundamental. Many financial services providers have boosted their methods to enhance digital banking services to customers.This must attend virtual summit focuses on reshaped priorities for financial services providers and how can they capitalize on new technology to enhance customer engagement, bring more value-added services to their customers, through an array of opportunities in collaboration with partners who have easy access to your customer, and partners who can improve your technology to retain a volatile customer base.

About BII World

BII World is a specialist provider of educational, research and consulting solutions to corporate and governmental organizations. With disruptive technologies and new evolving trends underpinned by major geopolitical uncertainties and demographic challenges, businesses from MNCs to SMEs need to be more agile and forward-looking. Undoubtedly, Blockchain, AI and Automation technologies may strongly impact businesses, governmental organization, industries and economies.


Innovation, process improvement and efficient adoption of new value-adding technologies thus shift to the top of corporate agendas for executives in private and public sectors alike. At BII World our teams and strategic partners work around the clock to design and deliver bespoke solutions that truly make a difference. We partner with numerous globally recognized associations, trade bodies and academic institutions. Our research-backed process permeates all aspects of our approach to clients, product development and execution.