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Africa’s Next Act: Sustainable Solutions


Three of the five fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa. Africa has 300+ tech hubs in 93 cities across 42 countries. Increased internet penetration, mass urbanization and growth in smartphone adoption have made Africa very attractive to investors. Innovators and entrepreneurs are utilizing new technologies to develop tailored interventions for Africa and transform industries. 


African startups working in fintech received 40% of all startup investments in 2018 and Nigeria saw 3 companies raise $360M in November 2019 alone. Africa has attractive prospects, but it also faces substantial challenges that require urgent solutions. How will Africa manage climate change consequences such as drought and rising water levels? Can mobile money credibly complement or replace banks to reach two-thirds of Africans who are unbanked? How can African investors and policy makers utilize Big Data to make impactful decisions?  


Join us at the 6th Berkeley-Haas Africa Business Forum to explore Africa’s Next Act: Sustainable Solutions and discuss challenges and opportunities in Africa with visionaries, thought leaders and game changers.

Location and directions

Haas School of Business, Berkeley, United States, CA 94720, United States

About Berkeley-Haas Africa Business Forum

The Berkeley-Haas Africa Business Forum is the preeminent annual conference at the University of California that brings together leading academia and professionals from around the world to advance development on the African continent. In addition to raising awareness and encouraging debate around pertinent business topics, it provids ideal networking opportunity for people interested in the overall development of countries in Africa. Its vision is to make Haas the destination for developing innovative and scalable business solutions to Africa's challenges.