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New insights. New contacts. New investments. New technologies.

You can hear first-hand from ministries of infrastructure, road authorities and financiers that could directly impact your business at this year’s Argus West Africa Roads (4-5 December, Accra, Ghana).

The 2nd annual conference will explore upcoming road construction and rehabilitation projects, their impact on bitumen demand, PPP models and opportunities for doing successful business in the region. 

Book now to join influential decision-makers and key stakeholders drawn from major infrastructure fundsconstruction groupscontractorsbanksadvisorsroad authoritiesbitumen producers and traders and their innovative service providers for two days of critical debate and networking in a relaxed and convivial setting.


With all eyes focused on the road construction projects and the prospect of doing business in the region, Argus West Africa Roads 2018 is your opportunity to explore the latest developments, discuss upcoming projects, debate the requirements for PPP road financing and procurement in the region, road safety, new technologies to improve the quality of road materials, demand for bitumen and much more.

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Marriott Hotel,, None, Accra, None, Ghana

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