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AFSIC- Investing in Africa is believed to be the largest Africa investment event taking place annually outside Africa and has become one of the most important conduits of investment into Africa. The 8th annual AFSIC event takes place 11th to 12th October 2021 in London. AFSIC is focused on highlighting Africa’s most interesting investment opportunities, providing expert insights the positive economic transformation that many regions of Africa are experiencing and offering Africa’s business leaders the opportunity to hold highly focused investment meetings with the continent’s most important investors and proactive dealmakers.


1500+ Top Africa Investors and African Business Leaders Expected to Attend in 2021

1,500+ of Africa’s most important investors, dealmakers and business leaders are expected to attend AFSIC in 2020. Over 300+ speakers will provide detailed insight into the positive economic transformation that many parts of Africa are currently experiencing. The event will showcase investor ready companies from around 40+ African countries, representing all regions in the continent, as well as country sessions, and sector focused workshops, that will allow a deep dive into a wide range of investment opportunities in Africa’s most exciting economies.


Networking with the top African businesses and Africa investors in Focused Meetings is at the heart of AFSIC

AFSIC provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to discover, develop and nurture a robust network of the highest quality business contacts across the African continent. The event provides multiple networking opportunities for African business leaders, investors and dealmakers to connect. These include matchmaking sessions dedicated to making the process of meeting investors easier, country specific sessions, sector focused events, various evening social functions and a sophisticated Event and Meeting App that allows delegates to prepare up to a month ahead for critical investment meetings. All these allow real investment deals to be originated and concluded during the course of AFSIC.


Africa is the Next Big Investment Destination

Africa is the second fastest growing region in the world. Multiple indicators suggest that Africa has entered a cycle of strong economic growth that will match that experienced by Asia over the past decades. Global investors are positioning themselves to understand the increasingly evident opportunities across Africa in greater depth. However with 54 countries in Africa travel time and costs can be prohibitive so bringing together many of the continent’s most exciting companies into one event – AFSIC – at one time has proven to be extremely attractive to business leaders from Africa, investors and dealmakers.


Results Focused Africa Investment Conference matching African business leaders with Africa investors

AFSIC has a strong focus on results; making investment decisions, originating and executing transactions, and raising debt or equity capital are the key objectives for delegates attending AFSIC. The programme is designed to provide delegates with multiple opportunities to achieve these objectives, whether through presentations from many of the continent’s leading investors, or through attending the many formal and informal networking sessions during the event. This strong result focus has resulted in AFSIC gaining considerable popularity with investors, dealmakers and business leaders from across Africa.

The wide spread of business leaders attending from across Africa attracts a significant proportion of major institutional investors focused on investment into Africa. These investors include private equity firms, direct investors, endowments, foundations, family offices, limited partners (LPs), fund of funds, listed equity funds, private banks, sovereign wealth funds, DFIs, IFIs, impact investors, microfinance investors alongside a wide range of African based investors.


Don’t Miss Out, Meet the leading Africa investors and Africa business leaders

AFSIC is perhaps the most important Africa investment event taking place annually outside of Africa. The event has developed a reputation for focusing on the discovery of genuine exciting African investment opportunities. Its mandate helps broaden horizons and broker new partnerships focused on high return, long-term investments in Africa.  AFSIC aims to unlock a valuable dividend for both investors and companies operating within the new dynamic African economic environment.

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Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, London, United Kingdom, SE1 7UT, United Kingdom

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, London


AFSIC is fast becoming the premier investor event for Africa. Its mandate helps broaden horizons and broker new partnerships focussed on good quality, long-term investments in Africa. AFSIC aims to unlock a valuable dividend for both investors and companies operating within the new dynamic African economic environment.