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African Diaspora Network (ADN) invites you to celebrate seven years of ADIS and eleven years of ADN, fostering the ingenuity of the African community at home and abroad, alongside champions from around the world. This year, our conference goes hybrid with a series of monthly virtual convenings from January to May, concluding with the return of our flagship, in-person event at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley from June 23-24,2022.


Join us starting in January to make the African Diaspora Investment Symposium and African Diaspora Network a platform for dialogue, action, co-creation, and most importantly, community-building. Together we can become the conduit for making a difference for ourselves, the continent we come from, and the communities in which we live. frican Diaspora Investment Symposium (ADIS22) is the seventh annual global convening that celebrates and champions the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of Africans, Diasporans, and friends of Africa. Hosted by African Diaspora Network , the symposium inspires participants to be agents of change and active contributors to Africa ’s development. The conference activates the potential of collaboration, drawing over 3,458 participants from around the world over the last six years. Last year’s virtual symposium series brought together 2,158 participants from 57+ countries.


ADIS22 provides a pathway for strategizing Africa’s era of active epidemic management as we try to recover and maintain the advancements made thus far. With traditional structures upended and challenged in the face of change, there is an opportunity for intentional disruption. What are the regional needs and assets across Africa? How do we transform the landscape of policy and infrastructure to better support the advancement of opportunities and communities? What best practices can be learned from models of infrastructure across countries in Africa? Join us as we explore the role of Africans, diasporans, and friends of Africa in building a stronger foundation for the future of the continent.

About African Diaspora Network

African Diaspora Network is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization. Our mission is to harness and engage the intellectual, financial, philanthropic and entrepreneurial capacity of Africans and friends of Africa in support of economic and social development across Africa. Since 2010, the African Diaspora Network (ADN) has energized collaboration among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, philanthropists and African diasporans to uplift its local community towards the benefit of Africa. ADN is dedicated to providing virtual and physical forums to accelerate access to resources that foster partnership, knowledge sharing, and advance investment opportunities.