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The vulnerability of major economies has risen as growth slowed and various countries are now more at risk than ever. The global trade Partnership Arrangements (EPAs), investment relations and World Trade Organisation (WTO) are in transition. These economic trends and indicators are undoubtedly great opportunities for global economies, companies and investors to establish alternative economic and investment relations and to unlock market opportunities in the African region for growth. US Prosperity Africa Programme, the UK Transition and Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) are the many initiatives and trends that will harness the many prevailing opportunities in the region.


Join us for the virtual AfBC Africa Trade Conference 2021 on doing business in Africa and future opportunities to hear and learn changes that will take place after the UK leaves EU, overseas trade, exporting and investment opportunities in the African markets. During the discussion, we will be addressing key issues including, African economy and market overview, doing business and trading in East, West and Southern African regions, continuing the UK’s trade relationship with African region after Brexit: impact and opportunities, UK - trading with African commonwealth countries, investment and business growth opportunities in agribusiness, healthcare, tech industries, manufacturing, infrastructure, real estate, tourism and managing overseas trade and cross border operation risks.

About African Business Chamber

African Business Chamber (AfBC) is the UK’s business organisation representing African owned businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK.  AfBC organises events and run a number of campaigns aimed at supporting the organisation, its members and the business community around the United Kingdom to empower, support to accelerate growth, enhance productivity, access new opportunities, show case products and solutions, enhance marketing and highlight the needs of African businesses.