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Nzuko is a platform created by AfricaFora, for Africans, Afro descendants, and friends of Africa to take the centre stage in the long overdue conversation around changing the narrative, destiny and the representation of African image, in an open, equal partnership and development-oriented manner. Nzuko advocates rewriting the relationship (professional and personal) between Africa and the world in general, and France and its Black and African citizens in particular, as envisaged by the founders of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), on May 25, 1963.

Location and directions

Paris, France, France

May 25 (Online) & May 27 at 12 bis rue des Bateliers St Ouen-sur-Seine, near Paris

About AfricaFora

AfricaFora is an enterprise whose aims and objectives are the promotion and diffusion worldwide, of Black and African culture and products. AfricaFora aims to revive the many ideas behind the creation of Organisation of African Unity (OAU) which later became the Africa Union (AU), among which are: to rid the continent of any remnants of colonialism and apartheid; promote unity and solidarity amongst African states, and for an Africa that fends for its citizens among others.


AfricaFora’s vision is to live in an independent, self-reliant, self-sufficient and peaceful Africa and a mission to showcase black and African culture and products; boost intra-African trade, cooperation and collaboration, and promote Africa’s human and natural resources for a dignified, proud and prosperous Africa.