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Fintech is disrupting banking, finance, and even money as we know it. It’s a global phenomenon, but in Africa more than anywhere, the impact has the potential to be both socially and economically transformative. Opportunities for innovation and investment abound.


The Africa Fintech Summit will gather disruptors, tech and finance professionals, regulators, and investors from across Africa and the US to discuss the technologies revolutionizing finance.



Location and directions

United States Institute of Peace Building, None, Washington DC, None, United States

About Africa Fintech Summit

The AFTS brings the issues, entrepreneurs, and opportunities revolutionizing finance in Africa to the world’s stage. Transforming lives and economies, unleashing innovation, and propelling an upsurge of financial inclusion. Supported by an advisory board of thought leaders and fintech pioneers, the AFTS is a unique space where ideas are explored, investments mobilized, and collaborations formed across sectors and geographies.