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1,500 business leaders, investors and policy makers from Africa and around the world: the annual summit of the AFRICA CEO FORUM is the largest international meeting of the African private sector. Two days of conferences, debates and high-level meetings dedicated to highlighting the driving role of the private sector in the development of the continent.


Join the event to access high-level networking with the continent's leading decision makers, seize new business opportunities in an environment conducive to transactions, benefit from the analysis of consultants from leading consultancy firms to guide or reinforce your strategy, find out exclusively about the most promising investment projects, establish privileged contacts with public decision-makers interested in developing PPPs, adapt your strategies to the latest economic and geopolitical trends, present your country's vision and development strategy to the investment community, take part in discussions on the growth prospects of each sector and meet the international investment community and develop new PPPs.

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Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire,

About Africa CEO Forum

Founded in 2012, the AFRICA CEO FORUM is an annual gathering of decision-makers from the largest African companies, as well as international investors, multinational executives, heads of state, ministers, and representatives of the main financial institutions operating on the continent.


As a platform for high-level business meetings and a place to share experiences and to identify trends that affect the business world, the AFRICA CEO FORUM is committed to offering concrete and innovative solutions to help the continent and its companies move forward. Through its ‘Women in Business‘ and ‘Family Business‘ initiatives, it also aims to increase the representation of women in decision-making positions on the continent, and to support the transformation of African family businesses. 


1,800 participants from 70 countries, including 40 African states, came to Kigali for the 2019 edition of the Forum. Among them were almost 800 CEOs, four heads of state, 100 ministers and financial donors, and more than 150 journalists from Africa and overseas.


The AFRICA CEO FORUM is part of Jeune Afrique media group. Since 2018 the Forum also hosts the Women in Business Annual Leadership Meeting, devoted to women business leaders. In 2019 the Forum launched the Africa CEO Network, the most powerful and influential network of business leaders in Africa.