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Africa Forward: Forging New Alliances for the Future


We have chosen this year’s theme, “Africa Forward: Forging New Alliances for the Future”, recognizing calls for increased intra-regional trade, direct investment, and collaborative innovation from thought leaders in African business, macroeconomics and politics. The theme is also timely in light of key economic and geopolitical events across the continent in 2018, including the signing of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement and the landmark peace deal between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Innovative thinking around African countries’ internal development strategies, economic relationships with each other and Africa’s interactions with the rest of the world, given growing obstacles to globalization, will prove to be increasingly important. We believe that your presence will allow us to grapple with this theme and the questions it raises in detail.


As in the past, the conference will bring together over 1,000 people from the African continent and the diaspora to explore this theme through inspirational keynote sessions and interactive panel discussions. Attendees will have plentiful opportunities to expand their professional networks with current and future African business leaders, and those seeking career opportunities on the continent will have a chance to meet with Africa-based companies seeking the best talent. Our New Venture Competition, now entering its sixth year, will showcase diverse and innovative business models making a difference in Africa today.  


We believe that the Africa Business Conference will leave you with meaningful insights, takeaways and connections that will spur you to actualize your vision for Africa’s future. We look forward to having you in Boston in February!

Location and directions

Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts, MA 02163, United States

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The Africa Business Club is a student-run organisation of the Harvard Business School. It provides services and resources for African students, students who've worked in Africa and any student with a professional or cultural interest in Africa. It also promotes the engagement of the African business community with Harvard Business School.