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The creation of 14km is the result of this desire to bring together in one place everything that makes it possible to succeed and prosper in Africa, whether in terms of investment, entrepreneurship, daily life, heritage management. The 14km Forum has been designed so that all those who want to live, work and prosper in Africa have at their disposal the keys enabling them to carry out their projects. By having access to a holistic digital ecosystem, users of 14km have everything they need for mobility to Africa but especially in Africa. The event will be held in digital form where it will address issues related to mobility, expatriation, entrepreneurship but also daily life. We taking into account the specificities of each of the areas of the continent in English-speaking, French-speaking or even Portuguese-speaking Africa.

About 14KM

The non-profit organisation 14km is an NGO working for intercultural exchange and cooperation between Europe and North Africa/the Middle East. It aims to reduce stereotypes and prejudices on both sides as well as socio-economic asymmetries between the regions. In this regard, the NGO takes over a mediating, facilitating, conceptualising and implementing role and supports cooperation projects on eye level, carries out political, intercultural and educational events and makes international volunteering and internships possible.. Be it human, cultural, economic, intellectual, technological. 14 Km (14 miles) is the shortest distance between Europe and Africa through the strait of Gibraltar. It can be travelled in 35 minutes by ferry. To give you an idea of how close the two continents are from one another, it is the equivalent of a trip from Paris to Orly airport, the equivalent of an 1 hour and 10 minutes run.