The MBA Adventure for Ambitious Professionals

Are you at that stage of your life when you feel like you are ready to progress in your professional experience at home or abroad? If you want to invest in your career potential, there is one path that can take you where you want to go – the international MBA degree. 
MBA programmes are offered in a great variety of formats, specialisations, and countries all around the world. Professionals who decide to attend business school usually spend one or two years on their MBA studies with the goal of switching to a new industry or taking their managerial career to a different region. Business school provides participants with a unique environment to network, get inspired, and learn the latest business and leadership trends.
Here are some characteristics of the MBA journey that will ultimately benefit your professional growth.
Diverse international opportunities
Every year, reports outlining the employment prospects for business school graduates prove that companies are interested in hiring international MBA degree holders. According to GMAC, a reputable research provider in the higher education sector, almost 80% of employers planned to hire MBA graduates in 2019. In addition, more than half of US organisations who hired international MBAs in 2018 planned to continue doing so in 2019. 
Attending business school is an experience that usually happens once in a lifetime and cannot be fully measured in numbers. It enriches your perspective on life, introduces you to like-minded professionals from all over the globe, and teaches you how to be adaptive and creative in your leadership. These qualities are universally appreciated and are highly sought after by organisations who operate on a global scale.
Career switch made possible
Whether you plan on moving your business abroad or growing your local career, the MBA is a great stepping stone when entering a new industry. Many professionals have useful experience behind them but find it difficult to transition to a completely different field of work. The transferable skills taught in international MBA programmes and their customisable courses enable students to thrive in the industry they choose. 
At this year’s Access MBA Tour in Africa, attendees will have the opportunity to discover much more about the value of the degree. Test preparation and CV workshops, lotteries for free courses, and the chance to win a campus visit are just some of the perks you can expect at the events. Participants will also receive exclusive guidance on how to finance their graduate studies.
Take the next step in your professional journey with the Access MBA Tour in Africa
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