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About Zipline International

Zipline is at the forefront of a logistics revolution, using battery-powered autonomous aircraft they deliver just-in-time medical supplies around the world. Zipline designs, manufactures, and operates an on-demand drone delivery service. They deliver life-saving medical supplies to patients in critical need. To date, they have completed more than 10,000 deliveries of essential medical products.


Zipline provides a seamless delivery service, come rain or shine. Their service has been refined through years of testing and over thousands of deliveries. Zipline excels under the challenges of inclement weather, demand spikes, and lifesaving urgency.


Zipeline are currently operating at national scale in Rwanda, and expanding to Ghana and beyond. They have successfully leap-frogged existing infrastructure in order to get doctors the products they need when they need them, simplifying the supply chain and reducing waste in the healthcare supply chain.

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