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Do you have experience building world-class processes & systems? Are you someone with an eye for and understanding of how to screen top talent?  Do you have a solid track-record of creating delightful customer experiences? Do you consider yourself a smart creative with previous experience building and maintaining a strong brand? Are you passionate about people with the natural ability to lead a team and influence peers and senior leaders  to drive outcomes? 

Sounds like you… Read on..


About Us

In 2035, Africa will have the largest workforce in the world and will need to catalyse transformation by empowering its largest untapped resource - its people. Fuelled by this, the African Leadership Group is an ecosystem of institutions with a shared vision to harness Africa's abundant human capital and transform the continent and the world by selecting, developing, and connecting 2 million young leaders to opportunities by 2030. ALX and The Room are two brands of the African Leadership Group. 


ALX is our training arm, focused on developing skills for the fourth industrial revolution (software engineering, devops, data science, etc.) to ensure that Africa is able to compete effectively as the world undergoes a digital transformation. To cement this, through our legal entity African Leadership International (ALI), we have signed an agreement to acquire Silicon Valley based Holberton Inc. – a project-based, college alternative educating the next generation of software engineers. This will give us ownership of the advanced technology program that will enable us to provide global organizations access to significant untapped pools of talent that can bridge the growing global shortage of technology talent. For more on this, please read this article here. 


The Room our talent placement arm, is a community that our young talent join to access global work opportunities. To learn more about us, please read this article about why we launched The Room & this article about the impact of our development programs on African youth. 


About The Talent Acquisition Team

Our Talent Acquisition Team is a team of generalists with a customer first mindset. We are not recruiters at heart, but rather seek to empower and enable our managers to be the recruiters as who better to do the hiring than the managers themselves. Our work is focused on building world-class systems to enable hiring managers to be effective recruiters and create a delightful experience for candidates. 


We are a vibrant and hard-working team that believes in pushing the boundaries of excellence to ensure a rigorous and engaging hiring process for all involved. Maintaining strong relationships across different departments while sharing important messages about hiring and our delivery methods, is an integral part of what makes our team successful.

Our approach to hiring is uniquely curated to produce the teams that many of our partners acknowledge as top-tier on a global scale. Our mission is simple: attract & select top talent while creating a memorable and engaging candidate experience. Our organization is scaling fast - we are located in 8 core markets in Africa and looking to building a global presence (focus on the US and Europe). The TA team is constantly innovating to find the right talent through creative marketing tactics, by iterating a comprehensive and engaging hiring process to make it more efficient for both managers and candidates while maintaining rigor and the utmost credibility for the org.. 

If you are strong leader and generalist with a background in digital marketing and a track record of building strong, reputable teams, please consider applying for this role.


About The Role

You will lead the Talent Acquisition team and partner with over thirty managers across the organization to fulfil their hiring needs. You will scale your impact and your team’s impact through your ability to build scalable processes, a strong brand a network of recruiters that feel empowered to own and drive hiring across the organisation.

  • Develop and maintain our employer brand (in partnership with the Global Brand Team). You will work closely with our brand team to define our target audience, and ensure it is enforced across various channels - social media, newsletters, webinars, etc. You will define and implement a regular cadence for putting us at the front and center of top talent
  • Develop and execute a comprehensive sourcing strategy from creating networks of relationships with recruitment agencies, universities, job boards, etc. Ensure we have a robust sourcing database that managers can tap into for posting their jobs.
  • Build a rigorous and delightful hiring process that selects the right-fit talent. You should be open-minded to learn the ins and outs of our hiring approach (we are very precious about certain steps in our hiring process and expect you to champion and educate managers across the organization). Your core role will be to ensure we are continuous improving and automating our approach to talent assessment
  • Training  & enabling managers to drive their own hiring process: you will develop the tools resources and playbooks to ensure managers are equipped to drive hiring across the org. You will hold managers accountable for their roles and support them in creating and driving their hiring approaches
  • Leverage data and analytics to drive decision making, forecasting (you will partner with the VP of People on hiring plan and headcount management) and performance for hiring processes and your team. You are responsible for regular check-ins and overall team management including regular Professional Development Programs (designed by you)
  • Guide and facilitate incoming technology implementation and maximize adaptation and integration. We believe in leveraging technology to scale our hiring tactics and expect you to stay ahead of the curve and find tools that enable this


  • Previous HR experience is not a requirement for this role. Experience in employer branding is a strong plus!
  • At least 6 years of experience in consulting, digital marketing, customer experience or strategic operations roles, with a demonstrable track record of people management, as well as building and optimizing systems and processes 
  • Strong track record of hiring top talent. You have previously build high-performing strong teams - whether as a TA leader or a Business uleader
  • Ability to own, execute and deliver strategically on short- and long-term projects in a fast-paced environment. You are able to prioritize and use sound judgment and decision-making
  • Excellent people and team management skills. You are able to influence and drive change - you can crack the whip on your peers and senior leaders to ensure there is consistency in how we hire talent. You can stand behind difficult or unpopular decisions
  • High empathy, self-awareness and a customer/people-oriented solutions mindset
  • Superior attention to detail and strong analytical skills
  • Have exceptional communication skills both with external partners and your colleagues. You will need to effectively translate The Room’s culture, mission and working environment both internally and externally in order to increase internal engagement and attract external talent
  • Innovative and creative problem solver. You are solutions-oriented and you have a naturally curious mind to stay ahead of the curve on industry trends


  • Globally competitive salary

About The Room

What Makes The Room Different?


Born Global
Born in Africa, not in Silicon Valley, The Room is inclusive and global from inception.  We seek to build the most diverse community of top talent in the world.

An ‘offline’ community
We believe trusted relationships are best built in person. While we leverage the best technology and virtual experiences (esp in the pandemic), we prioritize in-person events and spaces.


Built on a higher purpose
Each member is expected to not only strive for their personal success, but to ultimately aim for “significance”. We challenge our members to use their influence to enable positive outcomes for society. 

We give as much as we get
Every Room member is expected to create opportunity for others. As Michelle Obama said: “When you’ve walked through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. You reach back and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed”.


Relationships, not transactions
We seek to build long-term, trusted relationships with our members as they progress through different stages of their lives.


Always fresh
Because we are tied to the AL Group (which is training 3 million leaders in Africa by 2035), we constantly infuse the community with fresh, innovative young leaders with new ideas for solving the world’s big challenges.