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Would you like to get a front-row seat to ALL it takes to scale an innovative venture from the ground up? Are you looking for an opportunity to fast-track your career? Does the idea of becoming the right-hand to the CEO of one of the most groundbreaking mission-driven organizations in the African continent excite you?


If your answer is yes, then keep reading…



About The Room

In 2035, Africa will have the largest workforce in the world and will need to catalyse transformation by empowering its largest untapped resource - its people. The African Leadership Group is an ecosystem of institutions with a shared vision to harness Africa’s abundant human capital and transform the continent and the world by selecting, developing, and connecting 2 million ethical and entrepreneurial leaders by 2030. ALG was founded over 15 years ago by Fred Swaniker, a serial entrepreneur recognised by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of 2019. 


ALX and The Room are two brands of the African Leadership Group that work as one single entity (collectively called The Room). ALX is our training arm, focused on developing skills for the fourth industrial revolution - software engineering, data science, UX design, cyber security,... - to make Africa a global hub of high performing tech talent. The Room is our connection arm, a community that our young talent join to access a lifetime of extraordinary opportunities and meaningful relationships. To learn more about us, please read this article about why we launched The Room & this article about the impact of our development programs in African youth.



About The Role

As the Chief of Staff of Fred Swaniker, you will serve as his ‘right hand’ - helping him to build a disruptive leadership movement and reinvent talent development on a global scale. The role is very dynamic - no day will be the same as you help manage a rapidly growing organisation to achieve its ambitious goals. You will have a front-row seat of entrepreneurship in its most exciting and complex form.

This role was designed to have a duration of 1.5-2 years, before the ‘Chief’ jumps to their next role.  Previous CoS have come from top firms like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley or BCG and gone on to hold leadership roles in the Group (e.g. ALX COO, The Room Kenya General Manager), attend top business schools (e.g. Stanford) and start their own businesses. 


We would also like to remind you that this is a remote job, which means that you can work from anywhere in the world. However, we have a very strong  preference for the EMEA region, particularly for this role . Relocation support to Kenya is possible if desired.



Role Responsibilities:


Your responsibilities will all be directed towards helping Fred become an effective CEO. They will include among others:


  • Stakeholder management: support in managing key external and internal stakeholders - investors, Board, Executive Committee, donors, large corporate partners… - by preparing draft communications, strategic documents, presentations, analysis…
  • Strategic Priorities setting: assist in determining the CEO’s and the organizational priorities, ensure Fred’s time, schedule and efforts reflect the same, prioritize critical issues and gather information to facilitate decision-making
  • Hiring: support in hiring critical roles, including C-Suite level, from sourcing to shortlisting and interviewing
  • CEO’s Office Management and general support: ensure that the CEO’s Office team is productive and keeping Fred organized with logistics, meetings, emails and to do list on a daily basis. 
  • Strategic projects: run key strategic initiatives from ideation to completion. This will largely vary depending on the needs of the business, but previous Chiefs of Staff have set up new business units (e.g. business development, local city teams…), set up new organizations (e.g. ALX) or filled existing gaps in the leadership team (e.g. finance, marketing, HR…)
  • Multiplier: become the CEO’s second pair of eyes and ears by effectively networking within the organization, building rapport with the leadership team, and addressing any issues that may arise. As needed, represent him in meetings so he can stay on top of his priorities



  • Experience & Background: At least 2-5 years of experience working in a top tier consulting or investment banking firm (or in an equivalent fast-paced, diverse work environment - we want to understand if you are versatile and can thrive in an environment that requires you to multi-task across a wide range of functions and projects)
  • Extremely organized: You keep meticulous to-do lists and plan your day carefully
  • Excellent writer: You enjoy writing and know what is appropriate for different audiences
  • Analytical skills: You are able to dissect a problem into small pieces to find the optimal solution and take the required steps to overcome them. Ideally, you also bring to the table strong data analysis skills and have strong financial acumen.


  • Experience with senior leadership: you have previous experience working closely with the leadership team of an organization or with a senior manager
  • Project management: you have ample experience managing projects end-to-end, coordinating a range of stakeholders and ensuring results are achieved
  • Operations: your operational skills are top of the game or you have proven experience in operations management


  • High standards: You know what excellence looks like, and can be counted on to deliver consistent quality
  • Adventurous: You are excited about doing new things and building structure out of chaos
  • Learning mindset: You are always willing to seek and receive feedback and see it as an opportunity for growth
  • Critical Thinker: You don't just execute on something, but always think critically and ask yourself if this is the best way of doing it
  • Humble, service mindset: You can see how seemingly low-level tasks like scheduling can contribute to the organization’s bold mission


  • Globally competitive salary

About The Room

What Makes The Room Different?


Born Global
Born in Africa, not in Silicon Valley, The Room is inclusive and global from inception.  We seek to build the most diverse community of top talent in the world.

An ‘offline’ community
We believe trusted relationships are best built in person. While we leverage the best technology and virtual experiences (esp in the pandemic), we prioritize in-person events and spaces.


Built on a higher purpose
Each member is expected to not only strive for their personal success, but to ultimately aim for “significance”. We challenge our members to use their influence to enable positive outcomes for society. 

We give as much as we get
Every Room member is expected to create opportunity for others. As Michelle Obama said: “When you’ve walked through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. You reach back and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed”.


Relationships, not transactions
We seek to build long-term, trusted relationships with our members as they progress through different stages of their lives.


Always fresh
Because we are tied to the AL Group (which is training 3 million leaders in Africa by 2035), we constantly infuse the community with fresh, innovative young leaders with new ideas for solving the world’s big challenges.