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The Pharo Foundation (“the Foundation”) is a privately funded entrepreneurial organisation that runs philanthropic programmes as well as for-profit Social Ventures. The Vision of the Foundation is an economically vibrant and inclusive Africa. The Mission is to achieve the Vision by investing in the human and physical capital of Africa, with a strong focus on job creation.


Established in 2011 as a UK based non-profit, the Foundation has since made a strategic shift to directly design and implement its own programmes to ensure greater engagement with communities, better results and increased accountability. The Foundation has carried out numerous projects in East Africa, with a focus on Ethiopia and Somaliland and is now looking to expand into Rwanda. The key strategic pillars for the philanthropic side of the Foundation are education, health, water and agriculture. At the end of 2019, the Foundation also started its Social Ventures franchise to prioritise sectors where the Foundation believes a real impact can be made by establishing self- sustaining businesses, which focus on job and economic value creation. Headquartered in London, the Foundation has an operational head office in Nairobi, Kenya with country offices in Ethiopia (Addis Ababa and Assosa) and Somaliland (Hargeisa) with further expansion plans in East Africa.



Position Summary:

The Head of Education position is a key leadership role within The Pharo Foundation that will be entrusted with the overall responsibility of developing and managing the Foundation’s education strategy and activities in Rwanda. The Foundation aims to provide the highest quality education to the children and young adults of Rwanda and is now actively looking for a driven and passionate individual who wants to make real change for the future of Rwanda.


The position is based in Kigali and will report to the Director of Education East Africa, based in Nairobi and the Country Representative based in Kigali. This is a high level, well-remunerated role that will give the right candidate an excellent mix of challenge and fulfilment. The role encompasses all aspects of the educational strategy and operations, from early childhood to secondary school as well as higher education and vocational schools. It includes, among others, designing curriculums, overseeing academic standards, recruitment of staff and students, well-being of students, future expansion plans, financial budgeting, financial management and controls and external relationships with community and governmental stakeholders.



Key Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Work with the Director of Education East Africa to develop a comprehensive multi-year, multi-school education and expansion strategy for the Foundation in Rwanda
  • Implementing the education strategy of the Foundation in Rwanda, as agreed with the Director of Education East Africa, the CEO and the Board of Trustees


  • Provide leadership and guidance on curriculum selection and ensure the highest academic standards are achieved at all levels
  • Ensure the Pharo Schools attract and retain the best students for academic excellence
  • Create the “Pharo School” brand name as Centres of Excellence in education in Rwanda
  • Create and monitor processes for safeguarding throughout the education system in Rwanda
  • Ensure the Pharo Schools are accredited and in compliance with all national (and when applicable) international standards
  • Ensure the highest standards of teaching and learning pedagogy
  • Promote the focus on holistic child development in all Pharo Schools
  • Promote the teaching of 21st century skills with a key focus on critical thinking and problem solving

Human Resources Development and Management

  • Attract and retain the highest quality teachers, administrative and support staff
  • Develop and implement procedures to train, supervise, evaluate and upgrade staff continuously to ensure high academic and work standards
  • Ensure all students and staff are informed of and internalise the Pharo Culture, Vision, Mission and Values
  • Establish a culture of open communication, shared learning and cooperation across all Pharo Schools
  • Promote Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of teachers and direct reports

Financial Management

  • Prepare and manage multi-year financial statements and budgets
  • Prepare and submit monthly management accounts
  • Coordinate financial auditing and the production of annual audited accounts
  • Put controls in place to ensure all schools are run with fiscal responsibility and accountability
  • Undertake regular financial reporting as guided by the fiscal policies of the Foundation

Policy Development

  • Prepare and implement appropriate and robust policies, ensuring that they are revised and updated regularly
  • Create safeguarding policies and ensure that they are regularly reviewed, and all staff and students are aware of these policies and follow its guidelines
  • Enforce other relevant policies and procedures as they are developed

Compliance, Audit and Risk

  • Ensure that all Pharo Schools in Rwanda are in compliance with all local and national requirements and policies
  • Protect the Pharo Schools and the Foundation from undue risk of exposure and mitigate where necessary
  • Ensure that regular financial management and academic audits are carried out in all Pharo Schools and Pharo Education Programmes in Rwanda

Stakeholder Relationships

  • Ensure good working relationships with cooperation and support from governmental entities, parents, alumni and the larger community
  • Represent the Foundation on educational forums in Rwanda
  • Represent the Pharo Schools in the media and public engagements in Rwanda


Operations Management

  • Supervise the management of all the schools’ facilities, and their on-going care and maintenance
  • Ensure proper maintenance and care of all movable assets
  • Maintain the asset register, ensuring that all assets are properly labelled and all records are easily accessible


  • Ensure open and continuous communication with the Director of Education East Africa and all key stakeholders.
  • Provide regular reports on all aspects of the schools’ business and operations
  • Inform the Director of Education East Africa and the Country Representative, Rwanda immediately of any issues or concerns that might jeopardise the Pharo Schools or the Foundation with respect to non-compliance, reputational risk or safeguarding



Qualification Requirements:

  • The ideal person should possess a bachelor’s degree in education, with a master’s degree being an added advantage
  • S/He must possess a minimum of ten (10) years professional experience, eight (8) of these in senior management roles in schools or as a School Head/Principal
  • Demonstrated experience in successfully recruiting, retaining and developing educators, staff and administrators.
  • Excellent business acumen
  • The ability to work autonomously, have strong self-motivation and the maturity to remain accountable for results
  • Excellent communication skills both when working with peers and colleagues, as well as when remaining an approachable and accessible figure to direct reports

Behavioural Competencies:

  • Passionate and driven individual with high social and emotional intelligence
  • A natural and effective leader who can manage staff in a K-12 setting across different locations
  • Excellent communicator with fluency in written and spoken English
  • Fluency or proficiency in French is an added advantage
  • Open minded and flexible individual
  • Creative thinker who can think outside the box
  • Respects and understands the local culture and values and yet embraces and can work within international work ethics and standards
  • Dedicated team player with demonstrable experience in setting up good governance and processes at scale
  • High levels of integrity, professionalism, resilience, accountability, commitment and determination


Application Requirements:

Within your application, please include:

  1. A detailed CV and Cover Letter
  2. A 1,000-word essay that includes the following:
    1. What education leadership experience have you gained that makes you the most qualified candidate for the role?
    2. What is your plan and/or experience in transforming schools into high performing schools? Kindly give an example from your past experience, if any.
  3. A one-page list of five references with current addresses, phone numbers, and email contacts


  • Competitive market-related compensation and benefits

About The Pharo Foundation

Established in 2011, The Pharo Foundation has a passion for Africa’s potential to create thriving economies and to prosper. It is a private foundation, committed to Africa, and focused on working with people with the potential to become economically self-reliant. Pharo Foundation seeks depth rather than breadth in what they set out to achieve. Their mission is to facilitate the economic independence of African people, through the promotion of sustainable livelihoods and job creation in Africa. Since its establishment in 2011, Pharo Foundation have granted US$6.2 million to more than 30 projects primarily in Ethiopia, Somaliland/Somalia and South Sudan.


Over the next few years, Pharo Foundation plan to focus on a few selected countries where they can make the greatest difference and have developed an ambitious five-year (2016-2020) strategy. The objective of which, is to significantly improve the income and livelihoods of 30,000 households in Africa, with plans to achieve this via the following four specific objectives:


  1. To increase agricultural productivity by at least 50% for 30,000 households.
  2. To improve access to water to national standards for 30,000 households.
  3. To improve access to priority basic services as identified by each programme partner community.
  4. To continuously enhance our and our partners’ impact and programme effectiveness.


The Pharo Foundation is headquartered in London with offices in Addis Ababa, Hargeisa and in other towns near their programme areas.