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  • London , United Kingdom
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About Systemiq

SYSTEMIQ’s purpose is to catalyse good disruptions in critical economic systems. These disruptions are not only vital to the future of humanity and our planet: they also open up immense opportunities for the businesses that drive them. Science shows that our current systems for food, energy, industry, transport and cities are inefficient and largely unsustainable. Their social and environmental costs run into trillions of dollars. We must change our local and global economic systems fundamentally and fast to avoid human and planetary collapse.


The UN Global Goals and the Paris Agreement have set the targets we must reach to protect the earth and make sure everyone in the growing global population has a chance to prosper. Progress is being made. Businesses increasingly recognise the value in driving sustainable change. But, so far, most of this change has been incremental. We need to transform economic systems much faster to hit the UN targets and stop the degradation of natural resources. SYSTEMIQ was launched in 2016 to accelerate these urgent transformations.


SYSTEMIQ have set out to achieve their mission through a unique portfolio of activities which include:

  • Building and supporting coalitions of leaders with the knowledge, experience and authority to shape policies and business strategies that will rapidly transform economic activity in line with the UN and Paris targets
  • Co-creating and incubating the market solutions most likely to build regenerative economic systems, in partnership with businesses, governments, non-profits and other institutions
  • Investing their own capital and expertise in early-stage ventures with the biggest potential to drive rapid system change

The combined experience, expertise and energy of their partners and associates, based in London, Munich and Jakarta makes the team uniquely equipped for these activities.

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