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The Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (Stanford Seed) is a Stanford Graduate School of Business-led initiative that collaborates with entrepreneurs in emerging markets to build thriving businesses that transform lives. Stanford Seed currently operates in Africa and South Asia. Stanford Seed believe that business is one of the most powerful engines of change to create greater prosperity in and for emerging economies. To maximize their impact, they’re working on multiple fronts and across multiple time horizons.


The Seed Business Transformation Advisor will deliver tools necessary to transform East, Central and Southern African (Francophone countries) business leaders and their companies. The Seed Business Transformation Advisor enables growth and scale by providing practical, insightful and inspirational guidance to small and medium-sized business leaders and their management teams. 



Role Responsibilities :

  • Translate the intensive curriculum of value chain operations, accounting, strategy/ organizational design, finance, marketing, governance and other related fields delivered during the Stanford Transformation Program (“STP”) into practical insight for leaders and management teams of small to mid-sized companies in East, Central and Southern Africa
  • Support (and advise) 10-12 CEOs and their management teams each year to maximize the Impact of the “STP” on their firms - in support of Seed’s mission
  • Lead Stanford designed innovative workshops and integrated curriculum related to growth and scale on site with Seed participant leaders and their team members
  • Organize and facilitate frequent Seed leader network meetings (“Leadership Labs”), comprising approximately six business leaders
  • Collaborate with Stanford Seed to maximize the impact of the curriculum design and delivery over time, and help assess program efficacy, Contribute to curriculum refinements, and work with fellow Business Transformation Advisors to support the development of the role, teams and individuals
  • Monitor productivity and progress of STP participants and evaluate performance
  • Provide strategic and pragmatic advising related to assigned projects (curriculum-based) that business leaders and their teams complete and that build to a holistic plan for growth and scale of their business
  •  Advise clients and provide feedback on projects to assigned company leaders. • Manage relationship development with company leader participants
  • Utilize a toolbox developed by Stanford faculty and Seed staff (and coaches), inspire and motivate company owners and leaders to develop a plan to transform their companies to the next level of success. Contribute to the ongoing development and refinement of this toolbox
  • Participate in the annual evaluation and admission of STP applicants each year
  • In an ad hoc manner, support members of the Seed Transformation Network (STP “alumni”) and Network programs . 
  • Contribute to the development and increasing scale of the STP and other earlier stage entrepreneurship programs that Seed is developing (and will develop)

These duties may be adjusted as needed to suit the business of the Stanford Seed programs in East Africa. The preferred location for the Advisor is Nairobi, Kenya. Alternatively the Advisor can be based in East, Central or Southern Africa, but will be required to travel to Nairobi twice a year.


Education and Experience:

  • Four-year college degree in management, business administration, economics, statistics or related field at an accredited university, required
  • Master's degree in business, organisational design, leadership, or project management at an accredited university, strongly preferred
  • 7 or more years of relevant business management experience in a small to mid-sized company, or within a division of a large company, preferably in East, Central, or West Africa

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • An advanced level of fluent English and French skills both oral and written, including active listening and interpersonal skills needed to work with a broad range of individuals
  • Must be passionate about transforming small to mid-sized companies in East Africa
  • Ability to inspire others to act boldly to succeed in their chosen business or industry
  • Must have strong facilitation skills  
  • Advanced knowledge of East African culture, history and business etiquette
  • Ability to remain effective under extreme pressure with multiple priorities and tight deadlines
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, ability to influence and motivate communities across multiple organisational boundaries
  • Highly collaborative style that encourages others to work in partnership with staff, company leaders, and their teams
  • Candidates based in Kenya are preferred, although Seed is open to considering excellent candidates located outside of Kenya


  • Globally competitive salary

About Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (Stanford Seed)

The Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED) is housed at the Graduate School of Business, and focuses on driving growth through entrepreneurship and scaling established enterprises to create jobs and improve lives. SEED engages in research, teaching and especially on-the-ground training and mentoring for entrepreneurs. SEED, which seeks to alleviate poverty by stimulating the creation of economic opportunities through innovation, entrepreneurship and the growth of businesses, was established in 2011. The Seed Transformation Program is a comprehensive yearlong program that includes six months of immersive general-management training on the continent, led by Stanford GSB faculty and supported by trained local facilitators.