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Sendwave is a VC backed startup with a mission to make sending money to Africa as easy and affordable as sending a text.


Our mission

Annually, one billion immigrants worldwide send over $600 billion home to family and friends, dwarfing foreign governmental aid. In the age of cheap, quick transfers through services like Paypal, these people are trekking to stores to pay fees averaging over 7% for transfers that typically take 24 hours or more. Sendwave's mission is to change that by making sending money anywhere in the world easy and affordable. Since 2014, our app has allowed users in North America and Europe to send money instantly to mobile money wallets in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria (and soon Bangladesh and Senegal) saving our users over 70% relative to Western Union and MoneyGram. We're growing quickly, and are looking to rapidly expand globally in the next year. That's where you come in…



How you'll help us achieve it


Providing excellent customer support at scale, while minimising fraud

Delighting our users is a core value at Sendwave. Every decision we make as a company is driven by asking how much something would help our existing and potential users. Excellent customer support is essential to this, but difficult to scale. As an international remittance company, Sendwave is also exposed to substantial risk from payments fraud. You and your team will be responsible for identifying fraud while simultaneously maintaining a positive experience for our legitimate users. You will design and iterate on a call flow for user issues, and lead our strategy for the Francophone customer service team. You will ensure that as we grow, we continue to delight our users while also minimising fraud losses. We're looking for someone with experience running and scaling a customer service team so that we continue to “wow” our users as we expand to new markets.


Building a Francophone customer support team

We are preparing to launch a French version of the Sendwave app in the coming months and need an all-star customer support team to make this possible. To-date, the Sendwave app has been available solely in English. Our talented Anglophone customer support team will continue to service Sendwave’s English-speaking users. To complement this team, we are looking for someone to take the lead in developing and managing a Francophone customer support team for our new French-speaking users.



Role Responsibilities:


In your first few months, you'll:

  • Build and grow a French-speaking support team based in Senegal to service our upcoming France to Senegal money transfer corridor. This will include hiring and training and developing a schedule for ~8-10 support team members. Long-term, this team could grow to ~30 people.
  • Design the user flow and escalation process for user issues reported via phone, text or email
  • Develop and fine tune training materials for the French-speaking support team
  • Be responsible for seeing that our French-speaking users receive the best possible experience when they contact us via phone, text or email
  • Work with Sendwave’s Head of Operations to set metrics-based performance goals for your team. You'll then craft processes and feedback loops to help your team achieve these. You will also collaborate frequently with Sendwave's Anglophone Customer Support Team
  • Train and evaluate your team, and develop a feedback mechanism to help us improve both our internal and external product at an ever faster rate
  • Create and perpetuate a culture centered on empathy for and empowerment of our users and transparent and constructive collaboration within the team
  • Coordinate with our Internal Tools team to ensure the Francophone Customer Support Team has the resources it needs to serve our users


  • You have professional or native fluency in both French and English
  • You've had at least five years experience leading and scaling teams that offer customer support over the phone
  • You possess an analytical mind and are able to manage standardised call centre metrics and data solutions such as Excel
  • You are versed in the technology needed to run an effective support team (we will likely use Zendesk, but you do not need to have experience or familiarity with this platform to be a competitive candidate)
  • You're passionate about Sendwave's mission, and excited to do what needs to be done to reach our customer experience goals
  • You feed off of interacting with people and getting the best out of them
  • You are willing to work full-time in Dakar, Senegal. We can help you secure a work authorisation in Senegal, if needed

Bonus points if you: 

  • Are familiar with the diaspora communities we serve
  • Have experience meeting aggressive numeric targets


  • Highly competitive salary + benefits
  • The opportunity to work for a growing talented and social team:
    • Our team of 30-odd engineers, finance & compliance professionals, marketers, & people ops professionals as well as nearly 60 customer support personnel are fully distributed across North America, Europe, and Africa — working from coffee shops, homes, and coworking spaces — making us one of the larger fully distributed growth-stage startups in the world
    • Each quarter, we go on a five-day retreat together. In 2019, we've been to Puerto Rico, Montreal, Dakar (Senegal), Colorado and Maine
    • We play in bands, teach dance classes, run Vipassana retreats, played semi-pro basketball, and built tools to help Doctors Without Borders respond to the Ebola crisis
    • We collectively speak over twenty languages, including Akuapem, Amharic, Ewe, Fante, Ga, Igbo, Kalenjin, Luganda, Oromo, Somali, Swahili and Wolof
    • We're backed by world-class investors including Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Y Combinator and the cofounders of PayPal

About Sendwave

Wave is a VC backed startup with a mission to make sending money to Africa as easy and affordable as sending a text. Co-founded by Brown and Harvard engineering graduates, Drew Durbin and Lincoln Quirk, Wave was launched in 2014 after Drew became fed up of having to make a physical trip to a store and pay an additional 10%, to send money to the NGO he was running in Tanzania. He teamed up with Lincoln and and built an app which allows users to send money instantly from a smartphone to the recipient’s mobile money account in Kenya. Over the last 5 years, their app has allowed Africans in the US, the UK, and Canada to send money instantly to mobile money wallets in Kenya, Uganda, & Tanzania, saving users over 70% relative to Western Union and MoneyGram.  Wave has launched in 5 countries and the team have plans to expand across Africa.


In 2016, Wave expanded and began building a mobile money product for domestic markets in Africa. In places where electricity, water and roads don't always work, Wave are creating financial infrastructure that "just works." Their mobile platform in Senegal enables peer-to-peer payments, purchase of goods and services and addresses small business payment needs.  Launched in Fall 2017, Wave are now processing over 200k payments every month. Their goal is to make Africa the first cashless continent, starting with Senegal. 


Backed by world-class investors including Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Y Combinator, and the cofounders of PayPal. Wave has grown quickly and now boasts a HQ team of ~30 people who are deeply passionate about their mission of bringing great financial services to the people who need them most. They now have a Country Office in Senegal with a team of  about 70 people and have recently opened another Country Office in Cote d’Ivoire.