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  • Accra , Ghana

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PEG Africa is the leading pay-as-you-go asset financing company serving off-grid households in West Africa. PEG work at the intersection of the most exciting trends in Africa - solar, digital finance and machine-to-machine technology. Serving tens of thousands of customers in West Africa, PEG is the largest off-grid solar company in the region, providing solar home systems on credit to households. Through their unique ‘pay-as-you-go’ financing approach, PEG enable customers to replace their perpetual spending on poor-quality polluting fuels, and make the transition to cleaner energy much more affordable. PEG's business model allows them to profitably deploy financing to some of the poorest people on the planet, since the majority of PEG’s customers have no assets, no stable job and no credit history. To date, PEG has raised over $50 million and has over 450 full time staff across Ghana, Ivory Coast and Senegal. PEG are seeking an experienced Data Engineer, to oversee junior data engineering activities, and play a key role in building the business’ data collection systems and processing pipelines to support the company's continued growth.


As the new Senior Data Engineer, you will be responsible for building and maintaining optimised and highly available data pipelines that facilitate deeper analysis and reporting by the Data and Analytics department. You will help build data processing frameworks that handle the business’ growing database, by working in collaboration with other Data and Analytics teams throughout the business, to leverage data using reporting and scientific tools - for example, Python, Tableau, R, and Spark. As the Senior Data Engineer, you will be expected to strive towards continuously developing new and improved data engineering capabilities.


Role Responsibilities:


Management and Strategy: 

  • The Senior Data Engineer will be required to oversee the activities of the junior data engineering teams
  • The Senior Data Engineer will ensure proper execution of their junior colleagues' duties and alignment with business vision and objectives
  • The Senior Data Engineer will be required to provide senior-level contribution to a team that is responsible for the design, deployment, and maintenance of the business’s data platforms


Collaboration and Support: 

  • The Senior Data Engineer will work with data analysts, data warehousing engineers, and data scientists in finding and applying best practices within the Data and Analytics department; as well as defining the business' data requirements, which will ensure that the collected data is of a high quality, and optimal for use across the department and the business at large
  • The Senior Data Engineer is expected to participate in designing and providing insights and guidance on database technology and data modelling best practices



  • The Senior Data Engineer is expected to know how to retrieve and analyse data through the use of SQL, Excel, among other data management systems. They will also:
    • Build data loading services for the purpose of importing data from numerous disparate data sources, inclusive of APIs, logs, relational, and non-relational databases
    • Develop and manage scalable data processing platforms that are used for exploratory data analysis and real-time analytics
    • Oversee, design, and develop algorithms for real-time data processing within the business and to create the frameworks that enable quick and efficient data acquisition


Knowledge and Opportunity: 

  • The Senior Data Engineer is tasked with the responsibility of contributing to the continual improvement of the business’ data platforms through their observations and well-researched knowledge
  • The Senior Data Engineer will be required to keep track of industry best practices and trends and through acquired knowledge, takes advantage of process and system improvement opportunities



  • Bachelor’s degree (masters’ preferred) in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Engineering, or any other technology related field.
  • Please note that an equivalent of this educational requirement in working experience is also acceptable, the experience should be at least 5 years.



  • 5+ years’ working experience working within a data engineering department, preferably as a Data Engineer in a fast-paced environment and complex business setting
  • Demonstrable experience building and maintaining reliable and scalable ETL on big data platforms as well as experience working with varied forms of data infrastructure inclusive of relational databases such as SQL, Hadoop, Spark and column-oriented databases such as Redshift, MySQL, and Vertica
  • Experience in data warehousing inclusive of dimensional modeling concepts and demonstrable proficiency in scripting languages, for example, Python, Perl, and so forth
  • Machine learning experience and experience with big data infrastructure inclusive of MapReduce, Hive, HDFS, YARN, HBase, Oozie, etc
  • Substantial experience and a deep knowledge of data mining techniques, relational, and non-relational databases


Communication Skills: 

  • Excellent Verbal Communication Skill - Communication Skills for the Senior Data Engineer are just as important as they are for the Data Engineer, both in verbal and written form. The Senior Data Engineer oversees and manages junior data engineering teams and to ensure effective management, he must be capable of conveying information and instructions clearly down the line to the junior team. 
  • Excellent Written Communication Skills - As a Senior Data Engineer, you will also be required to draft reports and prepare presentations for senior Business Leadership Teams. These reports and presentations must be clear, concise, unambiguous, engaging and convincing, which will demand exceptional communication skills on the Senior Data Engineer’s part.


Ms Office/Software: 

  • The Senior Data Engineer must have exceptional skills in SQL server reporting services, analysis services, Tableau, Salesforce, integration services, or any other data visualization tools.


Technological Savvy/Analytical Skills: 

  • Strong knowledge in Linux, OS tools, and file-system level troubleshooting. 
  • Substantial experience working with big data infrastructure tools such as Python, SQS, and Redshift. 
  • Proficiency in Scala, Spark, Spark Streaming, AWS, and EMR.


Interpersonal Skills: 

The Senior Data Engineer should be:

  • A results-driven individual, be passionate and a self-starter
  • Proactive requiring minimal supervision
  • Highly organised, with an ability to handle multiple tasks and meet tight deadlines
  • A creative and strategic thinker, able to work comfortably work in a collaborative setting
  • Capable of working comfortably with senior departmental leadership, and demonstrate an ability to remain calm during times of uncertainty and stress, inspiring the same within their team


People Skills: 

The ideal candidate will be:

  • A people person who is able to form strong, meaningful, and lasting connections with others
  • Capable of enabling smooth and continued collaborative relationships, the trust of their juniors who will readily follow their directives
  • Credible and capable of gaining the confidence of senior data science leadership


  • Opportunity to work at the intersection of the most exciting trends in Africa - solar, digital finance and machine-to-machine technology
  • Opportunity to work with a varied team of passionate, smart individuals, and a management team with experience of building a company and selling it to a private equity firm

About PEGAfrica

Headquartered in Accra, Ghana, PEG is the largest off-grid solar company in West Africa, providing solar home systems on credit to households. Using a unique financing approach, called ‘pay-as-you-go’ financing, PEG enable customers to replace their perpetual spending on poor-quality polluting fuels, such as kerosene, with solar energy that quickly becomes an asset the customer owns.

PEG work at the intersection of the most exciting trends in Africa - solar, digital finance, machine-to-machine technology - and are backed by venture capital and private equity, including a Fortune 500 company. PEG’s management team has started several companies in Ghana, and their last company was acquired by a private equity firm in New York City.

PEG benefits from partnerships with the four largest mobile network operators in Ghana (MTN, Vodafone, Airtel, and Tigo), and the two largest in Ivory Coast (Orange and MTN). To date PEG has raised more than $25 million, with investors including IP Conseil, Engie Rassembleurs d’Energies, Energy Access Ventures, Blue Haven Initiative, and Persistent Energy Capital. PEG has also won numerous awards, including the prestigious 2017 Ashden International Award for excellence in sustainable energy, and has been named as one of the “fastest growing companies in Africa” by the London Stock Exchange. PEG has 350 full time staff across Ghana and Ivory Coast, a large network of sales people, and serves tens of thousands of customers. PEG is positioned to expand across West Africa in the coming years.