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Movemeback African oppportunity location
  • Abidjan Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
  • Bamako Mali

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Muso provides proactive healthcare to 350,000 patients in peri-urban and rural areas of Mali and integrates rigorous academic research and strategic advocacy to identify and share strategies that can accelerate global efforts for child survival, maternal health, and universal health care. Given the transformations in healthcare access and survival, Muso documented, over the next five years, our direct service, research, and advocacy to advance a new global model of healthcare.


In 2022, Muso will begin delivering its proactive care model to communities in Côte d'Ivoire, then reaching a population of over 300,000 people in three districts. As part of this intervention, Muso and its research partners will conduct rigorous studies to assess the effectiveness of the intervention to strengthen the evidence base to support global advocacy.


Muso are looking for someone who can set and execute a strategic research agenda for the entire organization. The Principal Research Manager will be responsible for overseeing the research team across two countries. He / She will be responsible for coordinating with research partners and supporting Muso's advocacy work that seeks to translate evidence into practice.



  • Design new in-depth studies and analyzes that answer key strategic research questions to inform communities served, practitioners, policymakers, and other stakeholders at local, national, and global levels in community health
  • Lead the creation of objectives and key results, work plans, and annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, etc. budgets. for the department's research portfolio, aligned with long-term strategic objectives
  • Build, lead and supervise a team of study investigators and data managers to ensure quality and alignment across the entire research portfolio
  • Track the progress of the research team to achieve their goals and priorities, adjusting plans and budgets as needed to achieve the overall strategy
  • Support the growth of the research team through mentoring, supervision, feedback, identification, and promotion of professional development opportunities for team members
  • Oversee the implementation, sampling, tool development, data collection, and quality assurance of research studies, at different sites
  • Contribute to research data analyzes, interpretation of results, and drafting of manuscripts
  • Identify and participate in opportunities for disseminating research results to local, national, and global audiences at conferences and meetings of academics, practitioners, or policymakers
  • Help the Development team identify, write and report on specific research grant applications
  • Work closely with other departments to integrate research priorities and findings into organizational practices, technical assistance, and advocacy
  • Ensure the administrative operation of the research portfolio, with the help of the research coordinators and assistants; Monitor research budget spending, identify cost reduction opportunities as well as unforeseen costs requiring increased fundraising
  • Foster relationships with external research collaborators, including technology developers, government partners, data analysts, and academics, thereby ensuring constructive consultation and accountability


  • Expertise in the design and evaluation methodologies of complex social or development interventions, particularly in public health, health system design, or health service delivery, such as cluster-randomized controlled studies, controlled before and after studies, interrupted time series, and repeated measures studies
  • Demonstrated ability to think through all elements of such a study, from design to dissemination of results
  • Demonstrated ability to write and execute a plan for the collection, management, statistical analysis, and secure storage of research study data
  • Experience in managing and analyzing data using Stata (or other equivalent statistical software, with the ability and willingness to learn and use Stata in the workplace)
  • Experience in writing study protocols, ethics committee requests, grants, and/or manuscripts in English or French.
  • Exemplary manager-actor, with a proven ability to take responsibility for an independent portfolio while overseeing a team of people to set and meet deadlines and achieve goals
  • Knowledge and regular application, in a professional context, of best practices in time management, supervision, and effective communication
  • Excellent skills in English and French
  • Demonstrated commitment to health care as a human right and social justice


  • Globally competitive salary

About Muso

Muso believes no one should die waiting for health care. That’s why we’ve set out to create a cure for delay. We build health systems to save lives by reaching patients faster, within hours of the moment they become sick. To do this, we partner with communities facing extreme poverty.  Muso has spent more than a decade creating and improving our Proactive Care model, preparing it to serve the global effort for universal health care.


We have documented rapid health improvements across the populations we serve: a 2018 study found that communities we serve in Mali, which previously saw some of the world’s highest child mortality rates, sustained child mortality rates lower than any country in sub-Saharan Africa for five years, and ultimately reached a rate on par with that of the United States. Patient access to care increased tenfold. Muso now serves the governments of Mali and Cote d’Ivoire in their efforts to translate the results of this research into national policy and practice.