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Movemeback is a global, London HQ startup on a mission to build a world where anyone can access opportunities anywhere. We have built the first of its kind professional networking platform connecting individuals and organisations across the world to career, investment and entrepreneurial opportunities in Africa. Some liken us to a cross between Linkedin, Tinder (connecting people), and Airbnb for African opportunities. Our mission is to apply modern technology to tangibly address some of the world’s largest unsolved problems, related to creating global transparency and access to unique opportunities, connecting people, and forming meaningful connections for driving economic development. In addition to being Google-backed and funded, Movemeback was named one of Africa’s most inspirational and dynamic private, high-growth companies in the London Stock Exchange Group’s report, Companies to Inspire Africa.


We are building a community that will be used by, and hopefully change the lives of, millions. To achieve this we want people who genuinely enjoy learning, building, creating, changing and who aspire to personal and professional excellence to join us. In this role you will have exposure to the most innovative companies and highest impact organisations operating in Africa, and the levers of social and economic development across Africa.


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What you will do:
We are seeking a Talent Associate for West Africa to join our Talent team. Your challenge will be to find and secure the best candidates for our partnering organisations. You will be responsible for screening and shortlisting candidates, and will make recommendations to influence hiring organisations’ decision making. As a confidant to top candidates, you will engage and support them throughout the process to ensure their chance of success is maximised. Working closely with your Talent Manager (responsible for overseeing the successful delivery of talent engagements), you will identify and escalate key risks and issues to influence and ensure best outcomes are achieved. You will also be supported by a junior Talent Analyst, who will help you ensure each engagement runs smoothly and efficiently.


Your responsibilities will include:

  • Form a deep appreciation of the profile that hiring organisations are looking for
  • Develop a hypothesis for the 2-3 relevant profile types relevant for a role
  • Create a target “hit-list” for the ideal individuals you will target for each roles
  • Approach and attempt to convert your hit-list into applicants, using all resources available (e.g. Linkedin, personal networks, referrals, on-/off-line communities)
  • Interview potential candidates based on the requirements for the role
  • Synthesise your assessment of candidates into a final shortlist, to be presented to the hiring organisation
  • Anticipate risks and issues and escalate them both internally, and to the client (where relevant)
  • Support priority candidates through the process - intervening at high-value moments or areas of strain to maximise chances of success
  • Allocate administrative responsibilities, market research and other support tasks to your Talent Analyst


If you relate to the below, this opportunity may be for you!

  • You are a problem solver - you recognise risks and challenges, and are tenacious in finding a solution. You think creatively, and don’t get bogged down in one way of thinking
  • You have strong research skills - you can locate, extract, organise, evaluate and present relevant information.
  • You are resourceful - you find and use all means available to achieve the best outcomes for all stakeholders involved.
  • You are a natural relationship builder - you show empathy and can inspire and motivate others, to deliver the best outcome
  • You exhibit strong attention to detail - you spot vital information that others might miss
  • You are a strong communicator / sharer - you have a tendency to share knowledge and insights, and demonstrate a preference for collaboration. Your written & verbal communication skills are also fantastic
  • You show great judgement - you can spot potential issues, and where necessary, escalate them and seek support to resolve
  • You have relevant experience - e.g. 3+ years in recruiting / executive search; or as a researcher in a customer facing role

To be an even better fit you would ideally be / have:

  • A natural hunter! You are curious, investigative, and enjoy the treasure hunt!
  • A good appreciation for African markets, business, and the talent landscape

You are likely to be successful and enjoy working with us if you identify with some of the
following (the more the better):

  • A passion for Africa, African organisations, and talent
  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced environment
  • A growth mindset, with a preference for learning, feedback, seeking the input of others, self-development and personal growth
  • A track record of being part of high-impact teams and delivering big outcomes
  • A track record of personal excellence in academia, your career, in extracurricular activities, and/or hobbies


We build around our people - so tell us what matters to you! At the least, we can provide:

  • A competitive salary
  • A fully remote work culture
  • A fast paced, flexible, entrepreneurial environment, where input and ownership are encouraged from everyone at all levels
  • A team of smart, driven and open-minded individuals from across the world

About Movemeback

Movemeback is building Africa’s Linkedin


We're a start-up team of dreamer, thinkers and do-ers head-quartered in London but spread across four Continent's working on big hard problems! We're a Google backed and funded startup and recognised by The London Stock Exchange as a high potential startup in Africa.


Africa is one of the world’s fastest growing regions with a population of 1.4 billion people and an ever-increasing young workforce that is estimated will represent 50% of the world’s working population by 2050. However the biggest barrier (and opportunity) to the Continent’s future is access to talent.


To tackle this, Movemeback is building an Africa-first social-professional platform enabling individuals to

  • Break-through social mobility barriers and make new and meaningful connections
  • Access hidden formal, informal, blue and white collar opportunities
  • Build new talent identities - enabling all talent to be measured for ability and potential even without a first-class grade CV Harvard grade CV skills)
  • Providing tailored training and support based on market opportunities and individual capabilities and strengths