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Movemeback African oppportunity location United Kingdom London

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About Movemeback

Movemeback is making Africa’s most exciting and unique opportunities accessible and realisable to top talent, leaders, influencers and organisations. As a members community, we connect talented professionals, students and entrepreneurs to high-potential career, entrepreneurial, investment and partnership opportunities. We are enabling and empowering talented individuals to shape and accelerate Africa’s social and economic development via:

  • Careers: Providing professionals and students with access to corporate, start-up, policy and social impact opportunities and more
  • Collaboration: Facilitating relationships between our members for collaboration on high-profile or private initiatives
  • Entrepreneurship: Enabling global change-makers and entrepreneurs to start building African solutions, even from abroad
  • Insights: Sharing inspiration, knowledge, intelligence and authentic African insight to support individual journeys
  • Investment: Supporting global funding of high potential, African focused companies, projects and turnarounds

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