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Movemeback is part of The Continent Group, with a bold vision to drive the creation of 500 million African jobs by 2035, through the development of scalable solutions that drive social and economic development. Movemeback is at the centre of this charge, through its efforts in creating access, transparency and structure to African opportunities. Movemback is trusted and used by the top 1% skilled, Africa-focused professionals in over 170 countries, leading organisations like Facebook, Google and Uber, and other high impact institutions, which are collectively shaping the future of the Continent.



The Movemeback African Experience Programme provides the opportunity to connect and work with leading organisations that are operating in Africa. By engaging in a Movemeback African Experience, you will gain invaluable professional and personal development, real-world experience, the opportunity to learn from and network with individuals driving impact across the Continent, and more.


Access a wide variety of opportunities in our network of over 1,000 organisation partners spanning a myriad of functions and sectors across the Continent and beyond. Examples of opportunities available include (but are not limited to):

  • Internships, micro-internships, fellowships, programmes, projects and full time roles
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities to engage in newly launched projects
  • Remote and local roles
  • Paid and unpaid opportunities
  • Varied start dates and durations


How it works


We have streamlined the process of applying to multiple organisations, by providing you with access to a range of opportunities in 3 simple steps:

  1. You Apply: Complete our quick application to join the African Experience Programme
  2. We Share: We will share your profile with relevant organisations
  3. You Connect: If an organisation is interested in your profile, you will be connected to them to discuss the opportunity


  • The ability to commit to an internship or micro-intersnhip; a short-term or longer term contract role, or permanent role, whether locally or remotely
  • A variety of educational and professional experiences are welcome


  • The opportunity to develop real world experience in an African organisation, or a global organisation with a focus on the positive development of Africa
  • The opportunity to add value to organisations, teams and projects creating positive development on the continent

About Movemeback

We are enabling the world to access, navigate and engage with African opportunities 


Movemeback is a global, London HQ start-up on a mission to build a world where anyone can access opportunities anywhere. We have built the first of its kind professional and social networking platform connecting individuals and organisations across the world to career, investment and entrepreneurial opportunities in Africa! Some liken us to a cross between Linkedin, Tinder (connecting people) and Airbnb for African opportunities. Our mission is to apply modern technology to tangibly address some of the world’s largest unsolved problems, related to creating global transparency and access to unique opportunities, connecting people and forming meaningful connections for driving economic development. In Africa we have a target of contributing to the creation of 300 million jobs by 2035. In 2019, Movemeback was named one of Africa’s most inspirational and dynamic private, high-growth companies in the London Stock Exchange Group’s report, Companies to Inspire Africa.


We are building a community that will be used by and hopefully change the lives of millions. To achieve this we want people who genuinely enjoy learning, building, creating, changing and who aspire to personal and professional excellence to join us. In this role you will have exposure to the entire African continent, learning about innovative companies, high impact organisations, and the levers of social and economic development across Africa.