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The Ministry of Posts, Digital Economy and Technological Innovations, defines and coordinates the implementation of state policy in the fields of posts and the digital economy within Togo. The ambition of the Togolese Government is to develop the country into a leading business centre and regional financial hub in Africa. One way the Government aim to achieve this, is by leveraging technology -  specifically, the potential benefits of digital development for the economy.


As a transversal element of the 2018-2022 National Development Plan drawn up by the Togolese Government, digital technology constitutes a key driver for economic and social transformation. In recent years, the Government has undertaken major reforms that have enabled the development of electronic financial services in the country. To promote this momentum, ensure the rapid development of digital and financial inclusion, and stimulate the emergence of innovative companies and e-commerce in Togo, the development of an integrated national platform for digital payments is essential. The Ministry of Posts, Digital Economy and Technological Innovations are seeking an innovative, entrepreneurial and experienced tech professional to join them as they work towards these ambitious objectives.


As the new Project Manager, you will drive the development and establishment of an integrated national digital payments platform. Primarily, you will be an entrepreneur and be expected to take a business-minded approach to the project. You will report directly to Minister of Posts, Digital Economy and Technological Innovation of Togo.



Role Responsibilities:

The project must be carried out in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with a recognised international actor in the field. Therefore, the Project Manager must work closely with the actor and take all necessary actions to ensure the success of the mission. Their duties will be to:


  • Conduct a comparative study of various digital payment platforms and inter-operability of electronic financial services around the world
  • Draft the strategy for digitising payments in Togo
  • Draft precise specification notes on the functionalities and specificities of the national platform
  • Contribute, with the assistance of lawyers and the Department's legal team, to upgrading where necessary, and ensuring compliance with legislative and regulatory standards governing the electronic financial services sector
  • Develop a standard partnership with companies when they are integrated into the national platform
  • Develop, in partnership with collaborators, value-added service offers to be provided to the various users following the implementation of the platform


Qualifications & Technical Skills 

  • Master’s degree or any other equivalent qualification with specialisations in information systems, and communications networks
  • At least 10 years of proven professional experience in the ICT sector and electronic financial services
  • An entrepreneurial background - experience working in a fintech or start-up will be an advantage
  • Practical experience managing computer systems (networks, business information systems, databases)
  • Extensive knowledge of the strategic and regulatory issues of the ICT and electronic financial services sectors, in the world and more particularly in Africa
  • Well-versed in policies and regulatory frameworks. Good knowledge of the ECOWAS region would be an added advantage
  • Demonstrable ability to intervene on novel issues and interact with stakeholders at various levels and across disciplines
  • An excellent command of ICT tools, especially popular software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, E-mail, and other communication tools)
  • Strong analytical and precis skills, with the ability to write accurate and concise briefing notes
  • Perfectly bilingual (French and English) with fluency in both speaking and writing
  • Excellent communication skills


Ethical & Leadership Traits

  • Methodical, organised, and rigorous
  • Dynamic, with a good spirit of initiative
  • Strong ability to adapt and exhibits strong spirit of teamwork
  • Able to perform confidential work, handle large volumes of tasks under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Exhibits exceptional professional integrity and sound morals


  • Globally competitive salary package
  • Potential for long-term equity / stock-options based on the success of the project

About Ministry of Posts & Digital Economy

The Ministry of Posts, Digital Economy and Technological Innovations defines and coordinates the implementation of state policy in the fields of posts and the digital economy. It deals with questions relating to the development and promotion of postal activities. It coordinates, supervises and regulates the activities of the postal sector and ensures its harmonious and optimal development, throughout the national territory. It manages the activities of the State relating to the development of the digital economy. As such, it works to promote and disseminate information and communication technologies (ICTs) with a view to the emergence of the digital economy sector.

In this capacity, he is responsible for the design and implementation of a national strategy in order to:

  • coordinate the development of regulatory texts relating to the digital economy sector;
  • continue the deployment and generalization of high-speed Internet access and the development of digital content on the whole territory;
  • gradually allow all citizens, regardless of where they live, to access digital tools, services and content;
  • implement relevant initiatives so that in all areas of socio-professional activity ICT becomes a factor for growth and increased efficiency;
  • contribute to the development of skills in the sector;
  • contribute to the implementation of legal instruments to guarantee respect for privacy and the protection of individuals in the face of the proliferation of personal digital data;
  • contribute to improving governance through the increased use of digital tools;
  • help adapt the administration and other relevant entities to this new form of exchange.

Since 2010, Cina LAWSON has held the office of Minister of Posts, Digital Economy and Technological Innovations.