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Jumia is the leading eCommerce player in Africa. Founded in 2012 in Nigeria, Jumia's mission is to relentlessly build the most effortless and reliable online shopping environment providing consumers with the widest range of genuine products at low prices. Jumia is part of Jumia Group, a leading global incubator of startups specialised in e-commerce. Jumia Group is Africa's leading internet firm, with 4,000+ employees in over 20 African countries and huge successes such as Jumia.com, Jumia Market, Jumia Food, Jumia House and Jumia Travel. Africa is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, offering excellent opportunities in a vibrant and booming environment. Its economic growth has enabled innovative businesses to flourish and this is where Jumia Group steps in. Jumia are currently seeking a talented leader with a passion for Africa to join their in-country leadership team as Chief Operating Officer, Nigeria.


As the new Jumia Mall Chief Operating Officer, you will be responsible for leading the improvement of Jumia's eCommerce Customer Experience, Vendor Experience & Operational Profitability in Nigeria. This will involve ensuring excellent execution of centrally defined improvements/routines, participating in their refinement through the collation of detailed customer/vendor feedback, and leading specific projects to reach those objectives. 


Customer Experience is defined by all elements impacting the satisfaction of a customer navigating or buying on Jumia’s platform: online experience, delivery experience, product experience, customer service experience, after-sales (returns / warranties) experience.


Vendor Experience is defined by all elements impacting the satisfaction of a vendor selling on Jumia: online experience, operational experience, payment/finance experience.


Role Responsibilities:


Management & recruitment - Managing the country’s teams / efforts in terms of:

  • Customer Experience
  • Vendor Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Production
  • Local IT resources


Leadership & influencing

  • Interacting with other local & central teams (logistics & warehousing, IT, commercial, vendor management, marketing) to explain projects & solicit support, as many of the Ops projects are transversal


Projects/routines - definition & execution

  • Understanding the central improvement projects and ensuring their flawless and timely local execution
  • Ensuring effective execution of the centrally defined routines
  • Developing Customer & Vendor Experience awareness across the country’s different services, through training & communication, to make Customer & Vendor Experience central in all decisions
  • Collecting detailed feedback from customers & vendors
  • Based on customer & vendor feedback:
    • Feeding central team with their synthesis and the related necessary improvements
    • Leading local necessary improvements



  • Bachelor’s Degree in any field from a recognised and accredited University
  • 8+ years overall experience
  • 6+ years experience in senior operations management
  • Deep culture  and knowledge of Customer & Vendor Experience best practices in eCommerce or retail, ideally specifically in developing countries
  • Strong analytical skills (good with numbers & analysis - we have a lot of them!)
  • Excellent interpersonal and influencing skills - convince the people and your team that you are making the right decisions
  • Ability to manage efficiently multiple teams
  • Hands on & results oriented - excited by the prospect of being accountable for solving problems yourself
  • Quick decision-making ability
  • Well organised
  • Proven experience in target setting and ability to efficiently manage multifunctional team
  • Excellent communication skills in English


Competencies Required 

  • Owner mentality and an entrepreneurial drive
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Power point) tools
  • Working knowledge of Google Office Productivity Tools
  • Good verbal and written communication skills and presentation skills
  • Good problem-solving skills 
  • Proven ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to work to deadlines and targets, can prioritise tasks under pressure


  • A unique experience in an entrepreneurial, yet structured environment 
  • A unique opportunity to help build & shape a growing African eCommerce giant
  • The opportunity to become part of a highly professional and dynamic team
  • Unparalleled personal and professional growth - Jumia’s longer-term objective is to train the next generation of leaders for  future internet ventures

About Jumia Group

Jumia was founded in 2012 on the basis of a very strong belief: Internet can improve people’s lives in Africa. Observing the challenges that people face every day (poor infrastructures, bad traffic, limited choice, limited information, expensive products and services just to name a few), Jumia saw a huge opportunity to leverage Internet and use it to connect people and provide them with a solution to fulfill their daily needs. Therefore, Jumia embarked on the journey to build a company that has a very simple mission: expand your horizons.

Giving access to new services to customers: Internet has the power to transform everyone’s life. This is all possible because people connect to the Jumia platform to access services and products they need, in an environment that they have designed for them, addressing their needs and expectations on quality, choice, price, trust and convenience.

Enabling African companies to grow: Hundred of thousands local African companies are making business on Jumia every day. Jumia are taking the entire economy online and enabling small, medium and large African companies to find new customers and serve them in a new way.

Creating sustainable impact for Africa: Internet also opens new horizons for African talents. Jumia are creating new jobs – directly and indirectly, new skills which did not exist before on the continent. Internet allows Jumia to empower a new generation to build their life and make their countries better.

Founded in 2012, Jumia has created a sustainable ecosystem of digital services and infrastructures through online and mobile marketplaces and classifieds.