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Movemeback African oppportunity location Nairobi, Kenya

  • Nairobi , Kenya
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About Jacaranda Health

Jacaranda Health is a leading social enterprise based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Jacaranda’s approach is to establish clinics in peri-urban areas that provide high-quality services based on the best available maternal health innovations, at rates that are affordable for the women who live there. In doing so, they help combat a socio-economic climate which results in 30% of all mothers in urban Nairobi having little option but to deliver their children at home, and a maternal mortality ratio of over 700 per 100,000, significantly higher than the national average.

Jacaranda’s ambition is to become the most innovative chain of maternity hospitals in East Africa, and transform the quality of maternal health care across Africa through public and private sector partnerships. Jacaranda combine business and clinical innovations to provide affordable, high-quality, and friendly maternity and reproductive health services to low-income women. Jacaranda has won global and local recognition for their business model, and their facilities have been independently rated as among the highest quality in Kenya.

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