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Movemeback African oppportunity location Lagos, Nigeria; London, UK

  • Lagos , Nigeria
  • London , United Kingdom
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About Insider

Insider is a new kind of PR firm, focused on getting emerging market entrepreneurs in global media that matters. Emerging markets are leaping ahead in development: by 2025, emerging markets will constitute over 75% of global growth. But at present, their entrepreneurs do not have sufficient access to partners and capital. Insider is here to help. Insider abandons PR’s traditional one-size-fits-all approach by crafting customized strategies to connect innovative emerging-market entrepreneurs to global media and capital. They create credibility, not just visibility. Leveraging cross-sector expertise in government, investor and media relations, they work with clients to establish them as innovators and thought-leaders in leading global publications and forums. They support their clients in their fundraising and help them to transform their industries and the world.

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