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Hugo is a Future-of-Work company. We build and manage remote teams in West Africa for some of the world’s largest technology and media companies. We specialize in end-to-end machine learning data annotation and customer support solutions that ultimately yield more inclusive outcomes for our clients and their customers. Our “Why?” is simple. Outsourcing generates over $430 Billion USD in revenue globally and less than 2% of that money reaches black communities. We’re changing that. As a company, we’re obsessed with excellence. We ask smart questions to build a thorough understanding of our customer's needs; then pour ourselves into delivering not just great work, but also a perfect user experience so that we stand out in what is a very crowded market.


The only commitment greater than the one we have to our customers is the one we have to our people. We are dedicated to carving out a place in the digital economy for young Africans, so we work relentlessly to equip them with the skills needed to build meaningful careers. As a culture, we’re Silicon Valley meets ECOWAS. We’re youthful, sharp, dynamic and fresh. We’re Lagos and Dakar, in English et en français, and we’re on a mission to win for our communities and our clients.



The Opportunity
The Data & Analytics Team at Hugo has a clear mission - help the organisation make better decisions about the future of its workforce by generating actionable insights from data on our most precious asset - our people. The ideal candidate will be responsible for building our end-to-end reporting and analytics platform from the ground up. You will handle data across the entire employee lifecycle and work collaboratively across all levels and functions of the organisation to improve the way we identify, attract, develop, motivate and retain great talent.



Role Responsibilities:

  • Vision: Work with Senior Leadership to build-out the vision for the Data & Analytics team
  • Point of Contact: Build a deep understanding of analytics needs of various functions to empower, and partner with, a broad range of business leaders, people managers, process owners and people functions with actionable insights to solve problems, guide business decisions and elevate organisational performance
  • Ad hoc Requests: Respond to all types of data requests; some important albeit repetitive tasks such as lists of employee names for different business areas, whilst others so varied you will need to experiment with new reports or formulae to get to some meaningful insights
  • Standard KPIs: Develop a standard set of People key performance indicators
  • Data Infrastructure: Build and scale people data infrastructure that allows for robust quantitative (i.e. HRMS) and qualitative data (i.e. exit interview) feeds, key indicators and metrics at each stage and from multiple sources across the entire employee lifecycle (from application to exit) to capture understanding of the full employee experience.
  • Tools and Software: Manage the back end of our software platforms, drive improvements and make sure all systems and processes are fit for purpose. Remain current on new analytics tools in the market, to provide effective and efficient consultative advice to business clients
  • Actionable Insights: Analyse data for clear themes and trends to translate the data into compelling, logically structured, actionable and predictive insights. Assist with requirements gathering sessions to inform the design and delivery of insights
  • Present and Communicate: Prepare and deliver executive level presentations. Communicate complex data analytics to all audience levels, in a simple and visual way, to easily make data-driven decisions for better policy making, business process optimisation and implementation of strategic initiatives
  • Automate and Scale: Increase data capture efficiency and implement standard processes, systems and controls to ensure scalability into the future. Make recommendations for digitisation, automation, predictive analytics and forecasting. Establish democratised self-service capability for reporting available to wider business teams (based on specified user requirements and permissions) to answer repeatable business questions and provide insights at scale.
  • Dashboards and Visualisation: Design and enable the use of dashboards and other tools for visualising data (i.e. reports, charts, graphs, presentations etc.) across all functions and Business units
  •  Projects. Measure and quantify the effectiveness of our programmes, initiatives and processes to inform leadership whether to double down, pivot or abandon projects
  • People Teams: Engage with People Functions (i.e. recruiting, onboarding, L&D, academy, workforce management etc.) to support ongoing operational analytics efforts
  • Performance and Compensation: Assist with the design and development of the year-end appraisal and compensation data, reporting and analytics, making recommendations for the most effective use of data (i.e. identify employees eligible for bonus pay)
  • Impact: Partner with the Head of Impact in the design of diversity and inclusion reporting and analytics across all the People processes and cycles
  • Workforce Intelligence: Deploy strategic workforce analytics methodologies to drive key business decisions and inform people planning
  • Prioritise: Manage multiple simultaneous work streams, ensuring all projects are prioritized by business value and aligned with other analytics projects in the organization; balance short-term tactical implementation with longer-term strategic goals
  • Data Driven Organisation: Actively work towards adoption and engagement of data-driven people decisions mindset across the company. Educate and empower partners, challenging conventional thinking when it comes to measuring how people drive value
  • Data Quality and Risk Reduction: Promote a strong sense of risk awareness in our data processes, maintaining efficient and effective risk and compliance management practices by adhering to required standards and processes
  • Confidentiality: Maintain unwavering confidentiality and discretion when dealing with sensitive employee data


About You

  • High level of self-direction and ability to operate autonomously
  • Data-driven, insight led “mind-sight” and independent thinker that can challenge the business and analytics status quo
  • Comfortable handling and deriving insights from large data sets
  • Curious and inquisitive - you don’t stop at the basics but always question why something is as it is, and when you think you have found the why you ask why again. You are only satisfied when all possibilities have been explored
  • You tailor conclusions to your audience - it is clear to you a managing director usually wants to know the bottom line first
  • High attention to detail and meticulously accurate
  • Works collaboratively and effectively builds relationships with key stakeholders
  • Comfortable dealing with ambiguity and thriving in a rapidly changing environment with competing and shifting priorities
  • Customer-service-focused mind-set


  • MBA or any business related post-graduate degree preferred but not required
  • Bachelor’s degree in an analytical subject such as Economics, STEM, Business Analytics, Data Science, Statistics or any related field
  • 6+ years of proven relevant work experience in a business intelligence or analytical capacity
  • Advanced knowledge of G-suite, Excel, SQL and Powerpoint mandatory, specifically related to working with large data sets to visualise data and glean insights
  • Experience and proficiency with BI platforms and data visualisation tools (i.e. PowerBI, Tableau etc.)
  • Proficiency in extracting data from Data Warehouses using a programming language (i.e. SQL)


  • A competitive total compensation package
  • A business model that makes sense for Africa
  • A high-calibre, fun team committed to the continent
  • Large-scale, measurable impact

About Hugo

Hugo is a Future-of-Work company. At Hugo, people are our greatest assets, and better outcomes are our supreme focus. This is why we build and manage high-performance remote client support teams that deliver a more nuanced approach and less bias to customer support, marketplace operations, and content moderation.


We build and manage remote teams in black communities for some of the world’s largest technology and media companies. We specialize in end-to-end machine learning data annotation and omnichannel support solutions that ultimately yield more inclusive outcomes for both black communities globally and our clients. Our “Why?” is simple. Outsourcing generates over $430 Billion USD in revenue globally and less than 2% of that money reaches black communities. We’re changing that.


We see every interaction as an opportunity to deliver excellence and are uncompromising in our commitment to do good work. That’s what we’re known for and what we’ve spent 10,000 hours perfecting. Our HQ is in Chicago, IL and our pool of 1200+ support pros are strategically distributed across English, French and Portuguese Africa. Wherever you need coverage, we have the right team to help you win.