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  • Lagos , Nigeria
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About Gokada

Tech company Gokada, is building the future of transportation in Nigeria, starting with their two-wheeler taxi-motor bike (Okada’s) ride hailing. Gokada aims to solve the transportation and logistics challenges facing millions of Nigerians in metropolitan Lagos - the most populous city in Africa. The Gokada mobile app provides commuters access to hail motorcycles and take safe and affordable rides to any part of Lagos. The app is currently available and can be used on both Android and iOS devices. Gokada has completed almost a million rides since its launch in 2018, and the team have on-boarded more than 1,000 motorcycles and their pilots onto their app. The company has grown quickly, and the team stay true to two things as a transportation company: safety is #1 priority and city is #1 customer. 


The team recently secured $5.3 million in Series A funding. Gokada plan to use the financing to increase their fleet and ride volume, while developing a network to offer goods and services to its drivers. Gokada differs from other ride-hail ventures in that it does not split fare revenue with the drivers. Gokada charges drivers a flat-fee of 3,000 Nigerian Naira a day (around $8) to work on their platform. The company is looking to generate a larger share of its revenue from building a commercial network around its rider community.


Gokada’s vision is to become the Operating System of cities for mobility, on-demand services, and financial services, by driving social and economic inclusion. Their purpose is to make cities more livable.

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