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About Global Health Corps

Global Health Corps (GHC) is a leadership development organisation devoted to recruiting and training the next generation of leaders in global health equity. At GHC leadership is an iterative process, something that fellows must intentionally practice throughout their lives.


GHC recruits and selects highly qualified applicants with diverse skill sets to work with high-impact organisations in year-long paid positions. During their fellowship year, fellows make a significant and measurable contribution to the placement organisation and the target population.


Co-founded by Barbara Bush in 2009, Global Health Corps mission is to mobilise a global community of emerging leaders to drive the movement for health equity. They are building a network of young changemakers who share the common belief that:




GHC believes that every person has the right to live a healthy, dignified life and that each and every person has a role to play in the advancement of social justice through the health equity movement. They embrace a philosophy of active problem solving and partnership that is designed to bring about real and sustainable progress. They are committed to creating a new breed of health sector leaders who develop innovative solutions to the most challenging health problems all over the world.


The GHC Challenge: Worldwide, millions still lack access to quality and affordable healthcare they deserve. We have the medicines, interventions, and solutions to save and improve lives, yet there is a major delivery-implementation gap. We’re not seeing the progress we should be. Meanwhile, there is growing agreement of an emerging leadership gap in global health. We need more than clinicians and healthcare providers to move the needle.


The GHC Solution: We respond to real-time demand from the field of global health to address systems challenges and gaps. We harness growing enthusiasm, talent, and passion among this generation’s youth. We believe the most powerful lever for change in global health is great leadership. We need the right leaders in the right positions to build and strengthen just health systems. That’s the movement we’re building!

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