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An education institution designed to nurture and develop intellectual capital on the African continent is seeking a new VP of Admissions. You will be based at their state-of-the-art campus in Accra. With a focus on innovation-driven learning through new contexts and paradigms, this institution offers students a transformative learning environment. 


Comparable to educational institutions abroad, this institution drives holistic student development with a strong emphasis on activity-based learning, supplemented with entrepreneurial thinking, ethical decision-making, and social-emotional learning. Their goal is to provide STEAM education with innovation and entrepreneurship at its core; their mission is to educate future-ready leaders who can innovatively solve complex problems within an ethical, entrepreneurial, and collaborative environment.


As the new VP of Admissions, you will:

  • Oversee and supervise all student recruitment, admissions and financial aid matters 
  • Support President, executive team and governing council with overall strategic planning and decision-making  
  • Develop and maintain external relationships to drive sourcing of funding/grants / donations to support the institution’s student scholarship program
  • Ensure that relevant structures, processes, policies, and staff remain aligned with the mission and tone of the institution 
  • Ensure proactive and continuous engagement of students, parents and other relevant stakeholders, to encourage continued interest and recruitment


Role Responsibilities:

  • Plan for and lead student recruitment e.g. high school campaigning, travelling to out of Accra / Ghana locations for targeted student recruiting, etc.
  • Plan for and setup initiatives and events, both on and off-campus,  to engage prospective students and generate student interest, e.g. on-campus boot camp for senior high school students
  • Support executive team with student-focused marketing and PR strategies
  • Work on sourcing grants / donations towards the institution’s scholarship fund
  • Oversee all admissions and financial aid processes, including admitting qualified students, determining and servicing financial aid recipients, etc.
  • Develop external relationships to promote the institution’s interest and secure funding / grants for student scholarships
  • Support staff hiring for admissions and financial aid department
  • Support other institutional teams from an admissions/financial aid planning standpoint, e.g. finance teams, HR, college website, etc. 
  • Ensure recruitment of high quality students that meet the quality standards pre-set by the institution
  • Manage admissions and financial aid department and oversee all activities pertaining to student recruiting, admissions and financial aid
  • Continue to build and maintain relationships with external resources to create continuous pipeline of high quality students and secure funding / grants for student scholarships
  • Administer the institution’s scholarship program and work on sourcing grants towards scholarship funds
  • Support student focused marketing and PR
  • Establish KPIs and processes to evaluate admission trends and ensure constant evolution of strategies with the changing needs and expectations of students 
  • Continue to collaborate with other institutional teams from an admissions/financial aid planning standpoint, e.g. finance teams, HR, college website, etc. 


  • 8-12 years of progressive experience, with significant experience in education or related fields and a strong background in marketing and fundraising
  • Good understanding of education institutions and systems in and around Ghana 
  • Master’s degree or equivalent qualification
  • A leadership style that can be described as inclusive, motivational, and team-oriented; leading by example through consistent demonstration of steadfast vision, strong emotional intelligence, integrity, and thoughtful decision-making
  • A communication style that is clear, motivational and engaging, and starts with listening
  • A management style that is both dynamic and disciplined, demonstrating a focus on achieving strategic goals and operational results, with an openness to learning and adapting within different environments
  • Familiarity with STEAM is preferable
  • Firm understanding of how premium education is evolving to meet the needs of today’s students
  • Genuinely passionate about making quality education accessible to students in Africa to prepare them to compete on a global level
  • Promoting the spirit of leadership and entrepreneurship amongst students
  • Emphasizing soft skills and ethical values to build well-rounded students
  • Focusing on hands-on and experiential training, to supplement the theory and hard skills, allowing students to practically apply their learning
  • Willing to relocate to Accra, Ghana


  • Globally competitive salary
  • Relocation support on a case by case
  • Subsidised meals at the school canteen
  • Company car for work related assignments only
  • Healthcare insurance for self and family

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