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This company is a pioneer among African technology-enabled businesses. With an existing and rapidly increasing presence across the continent, this company is playing a key role in changing the landscape of technology and consumer services in Africa. Via its technology platform, this company is creating sustainable impact, by enabling small, medium and large businesses to reach new and existing customers. 


This company is seeking a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to lead the country marketing function in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana or Cote d'Ivoire. As CMO, you will be responsible for making sure that marketing drives the growth of the company, by steering performance and fostering engagement - the two pillars of the function. You will ensure that the brand is top of mind brand for shopping (online and offline) when it comes to purchasing consumer goods. You will also coordinate with commercial teams to ensure business targets are achieved, whilst recruiting, grooming and coaching a future generation of company leaders. This is a unique opportunity to play a key role in shaping the company’s strategic growth plans, as it enters an exciting new phase.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Achieve business targets while respecting marketing budgets 
    • Steer performance through Paid OM channels & CRM  
    • Drive adoption through large offline campaigns 
    • Foster engagement through Social Media channels  
  • Steer performance in close coordination with commercial teams 
    • Define the monthly performance steering and jointly pilot performance - designing targets for page views, conversion rate, etc 
    • Lead the monthly meeting for marketing budget allocation 
    • Review the performance at mid-month and change marketing budgets accordingly 
  • Own the Commercial Event Management (CEM) calendar and ensure swift execution 
  • Deliver the execution of Commercial Planning on a weekly basis 
  • Develop branding as well as customer understanding 
    • Develop & execute long & short-term PR strategy to be aligned with country CEO vision, and building a sustainable relation with media, influencer & public figures
    • Act as Brand Ambassador by presenting & guarding the brand 
    • Contribute to building the annual yearly marketing calendar with Online Marketing and commercial team
    • Manage frequent surveys and focus group 
    • Manage & own the offline marketing budget, ex budget split across different channels, and end of month finance reporting
    • Set specific KPIs for each activity and evaluating its ROI
  • Proactively engage in improvement of the function’s 
    • Product: suggest technical improvements 
    • Performance monitoring: suggesting new dashboards on Power BI 
  • Ensure marketing plans and strategies are benchmarked against other countries and companies to improve efficiency 
  • Transform marketing function as well as planning deliverables (automation, processes, planning, budgets, storyboards) and documentation (functional specifications, user manuals) 
  • Strengthen the department by actively managing team 
    • Constantly recruiting the best profiles 
    • Grooming and coaching top talents 
    • Designing relevant trainings for the team 
  • Act as a senior marketing advisor and business partner to the regional marketing teams


  • Master's in top business or marketing schools
  • 5+ years professional experience in communication/marketing 
  • Be able to master marketing processes from planning to execution
  • Experience in communication agencies as a strategist is a plus 
  • Experience in digital marketing is a plus 
  • Strong English skills
  • Strong management, inter-personal skills and communication skills
  • Strong data analysis skills
  • Strategic and very detail oriented
  • Ability to anticipate, structure and organise
  • Strong problem solving skills - able to find simple solutions to complex problems
  • Autonomous
  • Resistant to pressure 


Globally competitive salary and benefits package

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