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  • Nairobi Kenya

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EIDU has an ambitious vision to educate the world’s poorest 1 billion children with their next generation global edtech learning platform. Harnessing smartphones as a teaching tool, EIDU have set out to create the most effective self-learning app for children of pre-school age and above, in poor areas - distributing it for social impact on a global scale. EIDU believe that all children should be given the chance to reach their full intellectual potential, which requires a proper foundation early on. Their solution enables each child to learn by themselves, without the help of adults, on an app that works globally, even on the cheapest devices. 


Designing long term learning experiences with a new level of adaptivity and engagement is a largely unknown terrain. EIDU tackle this via a rigorously data-driven and assumption-free approach of continuous optimisation. They are currently testing and developing their app in the toughest conditions they could find, with more than 5,000 children using their prototypes daily within the largest urban informal settlements in Africa - located in Nairobi, Kenya.  They collect data from all players, children, teachers, parents and school owners and so have a vast, rich qualitative and quantitative dataset. 


EIDU are seeking a Mobile Developer who is keen to join an autonomous team and scaling organisation. You will contribute to the development of a great mobile app user interface and long term learning experience, as the team works towards their plans to expand globally. 


How EIDU work:


  • Agile methodology, in autonomous teams, with a strong focus on Clean Code
  • Current technologies:
    • Apps: C#, Xamarin, Unity3D, Android, Kotlin, Java
    • Backend: Kotlin, Python, SQL, AWS, Terraform, Ansible


To find out more about EIDU, watch the TEDx talk by EIDU's founder Bernd Roggendorf, as he speaks on EIDU’s vision of providing quality education for all by 2030, here:


  • 2+ years' experience of writing code
  • Proven record of designing and implementing great user interfaces
  • Xamarin and/or Android experience is not required, but is a plus!
  • Passion about writing clean, maintainable, functional and stable code


  • An attractive compensation scheme consisting of a competitive salary and company shares
  • The opportunity to work with an international rockstar team (from 9 countries) with professionals in learning experience design, UX, product management, psychology, systems development & data analysis
  • Passionate colleagues who support and challenge each other to achieve EIDU’s great vision, with real potential to improve what they do and how they do it

About EIDU

EIDU’s primary goal is to achieve social impact. They see early childhood education as a key factor in reducing the global opportunity gap. The ability to use mobile technology to improve educational conditions worldwide is in reach – at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. In a few years, smartphones will be ubiquitous even in the least developed regions of the world. EIDU believe there is immense potential in harnessing smartphones as a teaching tool – it all depends on the software, and they are creating an app-based learning environment that enables children aged 3-6 to develop cognitive abilities on their own.

EIDU chose to approach their mission by founding a technology startup and are confident that their business model will allow them to develop a highly competitive product, as well as to attract the most talented people in the field. Despite their strong focus on technology and economy, the convictions that drive them are deeply humanistic, not technocratic. An innovative equity model reflects their focus on impact: rather than benefiting the first generation of founders only, it is designed to drive purposeful entrepreneurship for all employees over the course of a full decade.

Behind EIDU is a team with a decade-long common history of building and marketing highly innovative and successful software products. They want EIDU to be a place for growth, supporting people to make the best out of their talents. Employing agile principles on all levels, their organisational culture empowers people to act and make decisions autonomously within their domains. Simple and effective processes remove obstacles that hinder people from getting their jobs done, as well as involve them in shaping the organisation.

EIDU is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with employees from 10 different countries. Team members are also based in Nairobi, Kenya and Mexico City.