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EIDU want to educate the world’s poorest 1 billion children by giving them the world’s best learning content at their fingertips. Most of them are not achieving minimum proficiency levels in reading and math today. EIDU has created a learning app for young children that works in the lowest-income areas where it’s especially hard to get the high-quality education that all children deserve. The solution enables children to learn by themselves, at their own pace, at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.


EIDU is established in Kenyan schools with over 10,000 learners using the app and has developed an onboarding process that leads to over 90% of new teachers actively using the app within 2 weeks. Our vision is to serve the world’s poorest 1 billion children by building a mobile global edtech learning platform.


Following rapid growth in Kenya, EIDU is looking for a Growth Manager for its expansion across Africa. You will start with Nigeria and will be the main person on the ground executing market entry and subsequent growth across the country. This includes building a local network, acquisition and onboarding of new schools, and coordination with all relevant stakeholders (i.e. school organisations, government). You will also subsequently play a key role in growing EIDU’s presence in several other African countries. 
Preferred starting date is September 1st 2020


What you will be doing:

  • Sales to acquire and onboard schools at a high double-digit growth rate
  • Build and maintain a network for EIDU in West Africa (and potentially other countries) with all relevant stakeholders in the education and business community (government and non-government)
  • Execute EIDU's validated processes to acquire new school directors as customers and to ensure they and their teachers are successfully onboarded
  • Ensure operational excellence in everything EIDU does
  • Recruit, lead, and motivate a lean local team in acquisition and onboarding
  • Proactively solve problems on a daily basis and share and act upon insights and feedback from the field to improve  customer experience
  • Set up and manage partnerships with local smartphone distributors to ensure a continuous supply of devices to schools



  • You are phenomenally entrepreneurial and able to fully own and execute the expansion strategy in Nigeria
  • You are a creative problem solver, willing to get your hands dirty and get stuff done on the ground
  • You are a sales person and a true networker, and can open doors wherever you go
  • You have at least 4 years of work experience, of which at least 2 years are in a role in sales and / or operations, ideally in Nigeria
  • You have lived in Nigeria for at least 3 years
  • You are willing and able to travel throughout Africa, if needed for weeks at a time
  • You are comfortable organising, running and leading effective sales meetings, from small ones with key stakeholders to large gatherings of school directors (up to 150)
  • End-to-end ownership: you see a project through from start to finish
  • You are comfortable operating in a lean, resource-constrained start-up environment and flexible to adapt your role and responsibilities as needed
  • You are able to work successfully within a globally remote team environment
  • Passion for EIDU’s mission overall and for EIDU’s customers in particular


  • You have experience in leading a small team
  • Experience in an operational role in a fast-growing (tech) start up
  • Experience in effectively dealing with the public sector
  • International exposure, gained throughout your education or career, is a plus


What we offer:

  • Being part of a social mission-driven yet business-minded start up, founded by highly successful serial tech entrepreneurs
  • Working in an entrepreneurial, fun, and result-oriented environment with highly talented people who care
  • Contributing directly to solving a pressing global inequality problem by improving what EIDU does, and how, on a daily basis
  • Growing your responsibilities as EIDU grows its scale
  • Competitive compensation package

About EIDU

EIDU’s primary goal is to achieve social impact. They see early childhood education as a key factor in reducing the global opportunity gap. The ability to use mobile technology to improve educational conditions worldwide is in reach – at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. In a few years, smartphones will be ubiquitous even in the least developed regions of the world. EIDU believe there is immense potential in harnessing smartphones as a teaching tool – it all depends on the software, and they are creating an app-based learning environment that enables children aged 3-6 to develop cognitive abilities on their own.

EIDU chose to approach their mission by founding a technology startup and are confident that their business model will allow them to develop a highly competitive product, as well as to attract the most talented people in the field. Despite their strong focus on technology and economy, the convictions that drive them are deeply humanistic, not technocratic. An innovative equity model reflects their focus on impact: rather than benefiting the first generation of founders only, it is designed to drive purposeful entrepreneurship for all employees over the course of a full decade.

Behind EIDU is a team with a decade-long common history of building and marketing highly innovative and successful software products. They want EIDU to be a place for growth, supporting people to make the best out of their talents. Employing agile principles on all levels, their organisational culture empowers people to act and make decisions autonomously within their domains. Simple and effective processes remove obstacles that hinder people from getting their jobs done, as well as involve them in shaping the organisation.

EIDU is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with employees from 10 different countries. Team members are also based in Nairobi, Kenya and Mexico City.