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  • Dar es Salaam Tanzania

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DAI is a global development company with corporate offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, EU, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Palestine and project operations worldwide. We tackle fundamental social and economic development problems caused by inefficient markets, ineffective governance, and instability. DAI works on the frontlines of global development. Transforming ideas into action—action into impact. We are committed to shaping a more livable world.


DAI and its employees are committed to confronting racism and holding ourselves accountable for positive change within the company and in the communities, cultures, and countries in which we live and work.  DAI is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees from all races and backgrounds in our continued effort to become a better development partner. DAI upholds the highest ethical standards. We are committed to the prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment as well as other ethical breaches. All of our positions are therefore subject to stringent vetting and reference checks.



Digital Frontiers is a $75 million buy-in mechanism available to USAID Bureaus and Missions from 2017-2022. DAI implements the Digital Frontiers project, which works closely with USAID’s Development, Democracy, and Innovations (DDI) Bureau; the Technology Unit within the Innovations, Technology, and Research Hub (ITR/T); USAID missions; the private sector; civil society organizations; and international and local development organizations to identify successful and sustainable digital development approaches and scale their impact globally. USAID missions and other operating units can “buy-in” to Digital Frontiers and essentially fund the Digital Frontiers team to design and implement digital development projects. Digital Frontiers currently implements over 25 of these buy-in projects; each with a unique scope and client within USAID.    


Digital Frontiers has played a key role in supporting the development and launch of the Digital Strategy and will continue to play an integral role in the implementation of the Digital Strategy. With ITR/T leading the process, Digital Frontiers will work closely with the ITR/T team to ensure a thorough, thoughtful, and consensus‐led process for the implementation of the various Digital Strategy initiatives. 


The USAID Digital Strategy team has been leading efforts related to the roll out and implementation of the Digital Strategy. Digital Frontiers is providing support to this team during the first and second years for rollout activities including the development and piloting of the Digital Ecosystem Country Assessment (DECA).  


Digital Frontiers is recruiting a Research Support Specialist (Fixer)  to provide logistical and operational support to support a DECA to be conducted in partnership with USAID/Tanzania


The ideal candidate should be based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and have demonstrated experience supporting interview and local travel logistics for a team of up to five. This includes experience scheduling meetings, organizing domestic travel and lodging, and coordinating local transportation. The individual should have strong English and Swahili language skills (reading, speaking, writing). Strong preference for a candidate with digital development experience and experience with USAID, but not necessary.



The DECA is approximately a 6-to-7-month engagement (dependent on country context, time zone considerations) that contains three phases:

  • Desk research and planning,
  • Interviews (in-person and/or virtual)
  • Analysis and report writing

The Research Support Specialist (Fixer) will work closely with the DECA Research Team members during the desk research and planning and the interview phases to plan, coordinate, schedule, and support the stakeholder interviews. The DECA is a highly collaborative process, the Research Team will be staffed with the following roles:

  • Senior DECA Manager (Digital Frontiers, DAI)
  • Technical Researcher: Pillar 1 (DAI external consultant)
  • Technical Researcher: Pillar 2 (DAI external consultant)
  • Technical Researcher: Pillar 3 (DAI external consultant)
  • Research Support Specialist/Fixer (DAI  external consultant)



Role Responsibilities:


Project Kick-off

  • Review the planning components of the DECA Toolkit, which provides the necessary templates, information, and a step-by-step guide to implementing the DECA
  • Participate in at least one orientation meeting prior to project kick-off. The orientation meeting is intended to provide guidance on the DECA Toolkit and processes
  • Participate in a kick-off meeting with the DECA Research Team and Mission DECA Team to set expectations, identify Mission priorities, and confirm project timeline
  • Adapt DECA interview outreach email template for the Tanzania context including translation from English to Swahili of the outreach email template
  • Throughout the DECA, provide critical local context knowledge and insights
  • As needed, participate in weekly Research Team meetings, including learning discussions focused on DECA iterations
  • As needed, participate in biweekly meetings throughout the project with the DECA Research Team and the Mission DECA Team to ensure regular feedback and open communication and to cultivate Mission ownership of the DECA
  • As needed, support the Senior DECA Manager to ensure clear and consistent communication with the Mission, all communication with the Mission and with other relevant U.S. Government (USG) personnel throughout the project managed by the Senior DECA Manager
  • Deliverables: recognition of responsibilities and deadlines in the project work plan and onboarding documents (detailing process, timeline, tasks, and agreed-upon deadlines), thorough review of DECA Toolkit and associated documents, adapted interview outreach email template

Phase One

  • Identify interviewees for the Tanzania DECA, validate any identified stakeholders with the DECA Research Team
  • Coordinate with the DECA Research Team to designate interviewees as in-person or virtual
  • Start to schedule meetings (in-person and virtual) with the list of target stakeholders identified in collaboration with the DECA Research Team 
  • Update the DECA Interview Tracker and Scheduling calendar regularly
  • Identify and coordinate with a driver and translator, support the procurement processes as needed  
  • Procure local mobile phones and/or SIM cards for non-local DECA Research Team members as needed
  • Develop or collect communications and interview materials as requested by the DECA Research Team  
  • Support travel logistics as needed (arranging airport pick up/drop off, providing hotel recommendations/quotations)
  • Manage logistics for site visits and in-country travel, as needed  
  • Coordinate with the USAID/Tanzania Mission on logistics as needed, with guidance from the Senior DECA Manager  
  • Provide other logistical support as requested by the DECA Research Team
  • Deliverables:  identification of DECA interviewees; regularly updated interview tracker and schedule; procurement of communication devices, drivers, and translators as needed; support travel logistics and other administrative support as needed

Phase Two

The Fixer will provide operations and logistics support for both in-person and virtual interviews and may need to attend meetings including with government officials and with USAID/Tanzania staff. Key tasks include: 

  • Manage all logistics for in-person interviews and DECA Research Team travel including troubleshooting any unforeseen issues
  • Manage remaining logistics for site visits and in-country travel, as needed
  • Manage interview schedule including meetings, tracking final schedule, and attendees including contact information
  • Provide daily schedule updates during in-person interviews.
  • Attend interviews and take notes, as needed
  • Provide Swahili to English translation during interviews, as needed
  • Clean interview notes using interview recordings, as relevant 
  • Finalize interview documents including notes, recordings (as relevant), schedule, and final list of interviewees with accurate contact information 
  • Support the Post-Interview Presentation/Recommendations Workshop, including procurement of office supplies or other necessary tasks as needed
  • Deliverables:  regularly updated interview tracker and schedule; daily schedules for in-person interviews; clean interview notes as needed; translated interview notes as needed; interview recordings as applicable; other interview documents as applicable; final interview tracker with full list of DECA interviewees and accurate contact information; procurement of office supplies or other tasks as needed

Phase Three

  • Provide process-related feedback to inform future DECAs 
  • Share any final documentation related to resources or contacts in Tanzania as relevant 
  • Coordinate final invoicing from translator, driver, and other procurements 
  • Translate documents from interviews, as needed 
  • Deliverables:  process related feedback; any remaining documentation related to the Tanzania DECA (interview materials, contact information, desk research resources); final invoicing from procurements



  • Strong project management and knowledge management skills
  • Highly organized and great attention to detail
  • Experience supporting logistics and travel coordination
  • Based locally in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Excellent English written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent Swahili written and oral communication skills
  • Available to meet during Eastern Standard Time (EST) working hours as needed
  • Available to meet during USAID/Tanzania working hours - Eastern African Time (EAT)


  • Demonstrated experience as Swahili to English interpreter and translator
  • Experience interacting with a range of stakeholders including high-level government and private sector actors
  • Experience working with USAID or familiarity with USAID programs and policies
  • Experience with digital development
  • Experience supporting research assessments


  • Globally competitive salary

About DAI

DAI is an international development company. For 40 years, we have worked on the frontlines of international development, tackling fundamental social and economic development problems caused by inefficient markets, ineffective governance, and instability. Currently, DAI is delivering results that matter in some 80 countries. Our development solutions turn ideas into impact by bringing together fresh combinations of expertise and innovation across multiple disciplines. Our clients include international development agencies, international lending institutions, private corporations and philanthropies, and national governments.