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  • Nairobi , Kenya
  • Johannesburg , South Africa
  • Casablanca , Morocco
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About ALX

ALX is part of an ecosystem that is transforming Africa by developing and connecting a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders. The AL Group founder, Fred Swaniker, is a serial entrepreneur with a pan-African and global vision of transformation. ALX is the latest addition to the group, drawing on over 14 years of combined leadership development experience. Together, the AL Group entities are catalysts for change.


ALX is a Leadership Development Platform that is expanding rapidly across Africa - towards the ambitious goal of developing 3 million leaders who will tackle the challenges and capture the opportunities of the continent. These leaders will transform Africa and create opportunities for millions. ALX, the newest part of the African Leadership Group, is a bold innovation in talent and leadership development.  ALX offers:


  • ALX Launchpad: A six month intensive course for high potential graduates and young leaders
  • ALX Xcelerator: A six month part time leadership experience creating high impact leaders and empowering their graduates to fast track their own growth
  • ALX Community: A platform for purpose-led, pan-African, innovative problem solvers and leaders and entrepreneurs. ALX is a values-driven organisation living by seven core values, holding them up to every decision they make and every action they take, as they work towards accomplishing their inspiring vision.


ALX merges lifelong learning and development with a purpose-led community, innovation ecosystems and venture incubation - their objective, to become the gathering place for the top 5% of leadership talent across hundreds of cities in Africa and around the world.

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