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The African Leadership Group is an ecosystem of institutions which share a common vision: transforming Africa and the world by developing, connecting and investing on a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders. The institutions in The African Leadership Group were founded by Fred Swaniker, a serial entrepreneur recognized by Time Magazine as Time’s 100 most influential people of 2019. The African Leadership Group was also recognized by Fast Company as 2019’s most innovative company in Africa for “remaking education for a new era”. 


The Opportunity


The Head of Impact will design and implement impact efforts across all African Leadership Group organizations and will contribute to the KPIs necessary for technical grant writing.


The Head of Impact will be responsible for:


  • Impact Framework Development & Execution:
    • Designing and developing tools to implement a universal impact framework across each AL institution (African Leadership Academy, African Leadership University, ALX), specifically through the use of quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis to produce key successes and insights
    • Overseeing the implementation of baseline studies and surveys to ensure our impact assessment reflects a broader AL Group mission of developing three million ethical, entrepreneurial leaders for Africa
    • Managing, coordinating, and executing the collection of impact data from learning and student-facing teams, partner organizations, and stakeholders, providing support for timely, accurate, and consistent reporting
    • Crafting new measurement frameworks that can be used for impact evaluations in support of new business development initiatives
    • Driving experimentation around data collection and analysis through new methodologies


  • Cross-Team Coordination:
    • Working closely with the wider AL team  to understand and devise strategies to implement results that maximize impact, make smart choices on when to experiment vs. when to stay the course, understand reporting requirements for output-based contracts, create clear frameworks for funder-based impact reporting, and inform the broader impact narrative
    • Working with our partners and donors to shape how they collect and share data with us
    • Ensuring that we are holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of transparency and integrity both internally and externally



  • A minimum of 7 years of full-time work experience in performance and impact (with a preference for experience in entrepreneurial / start-up ventures)
  • Bachelor’s degree in international development, economics, business, mathematics, statistics, communications or related field, MBA a plus
  • Strong evaluation skillset: Possesses strong analytical and evaluation design, and methodological skills, and utilizes “right-fit” methods for a broad range of quantitative and qualitative approaches to communicate a rigorous, yet compelling story about the AL Group’s impact
  • Innovative approach: Has an ability to innovate and redesign traditional monitoring and evaluation approaches to reflect the rapid experimentation of ALU and ALX. Demonstrates a zeal for prototyping and operating in flexible, start-up environments
  • Brings a positive mindset and attitude that continuously pushes the AL organizations to accomplish their missions
  • Fundraising mindset: Experience working with governments, public institutions and large funding organizations such as the Gates Foundation and Mastercard Foundation and can speak their language 
  • Team leader: Proven project management skills, ability to manage teams and develop leaders; experience in remote management and/or working in multicultural workplace in Africa, a plus
  • Cross-Team Collaboration Ability: Strong leadership and negotiation skills, ability to deal with different stakeholders, from operational staff to the senior leadership team of donors, investors and other stakeholders


You Will Thrive In This Job if......

  • Initiative & Courage: You have an owners’ approach and  you are proactive with what needs to be done; you also embrace risks and failure
  • Humility & Adaptability: You have a beginners’ mindset and you always seek to learn; you are also flexible and embrace pivoting
  • Possibility & Adventure: You are passionate about life, you have a growth mindset and you can thrive on uncertain circumstances and uncharted territory
  • Resilience: You tackle difficult situations with a can-do attitude and are relentless in the pursuit of your goals 
  • Emergent Leadership: You are aware, and can manage, your emotions and those of others very well, you also have an empathetic, collaborative approach to leadership and you love working with others


  • Globally competitive salary
  • An opportunity to make an impact in an organisation which is disrupting the way things are done and driving change across the contintent and the world
  • Join an organisation making history, named as #39 Most Innovative Company In The World,  #1 in Africa” - Fast Company


About African Leadership Group

At the African Leadership Group, we don’t view one billion African youth as a problem: we see a massive talent pool with the potential to become a source of untold global innovation, entrepreneurship, and prosperity for the continent and the world. 

Imagine millions of ethical leaders equipped to design empowering and just policy, and entrepreneurial leaders ready to create jobs and discover new ways to improve quality of life.


Over 15+ years, we’ve built a model that works:

  • POTENTIAL: We select young leaders with passion, courage, imagination, resilience, and good values
  • PRACTICE: We believe leadership is best developed through hands-on practice
  • NETWORKS: We connect leaders with access to capital, mentors, and collaborators to amplify their impact

A lifelong ecosystem for developing and placing leaders, African Leadership Group comprises:


African Leadership Academy
ALA, based in Johannesburg, is a globally recognized pre-university program that identifies high potential youth across the continent and then develops their leadership and entrepreneurial skills in a two year diploma program that empowers each of them for a lifetime of impact.

African Leadership University
ALU is an undergraduate and postgraduate institution that uses a unique and innovative learning model that integrates students’ learning with the real world, empowers students to take ownership of their own learning, ALU has two campuses—one in Mauritius and one in Rwanda. 

Launched in 2018, ALX is an unconventional “leadership accelerator” that distills the core leadership development programs offered at ALA and ALU into a low-cost, modular program that can rapidly accelerate the careers of young professionals.

The Room
The Room is a community of high impact leaders on a path to make global change. Individuals from around the world find and share opportunities, events, networks and resources to co-create a collective where opportunity and talent meet.