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The African Leadership Group is an ecosystem of institutions which share a common vision: transforming Africa and the world by developing, connecting and investing in a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders. The institutions in The African Leadership Group were founded by Fred Swaniker, a serial entrepreneur recognized by Time Magazine as one of Time’s '100 most influential people of 2019'. The African Leadership Group was also recognized by Fast Company as 2019’s most innovative company in Africa, for “remaking education for a new era”. 


Part of the African Leadership Group ecosystem, ALX & The Room are two institutions working together to reimagine how top talent learns, grows, and connects with each other and with opportunities throughout their lifetime -  an initiative born in Africa but with a global ambition. Building the next best thing - just as Netflix leverages algorithms to match us with personalized recommendations for film, as Spotify does for music, and as does Amazon for shopping; The Room will use thousands of data points to catalogue the capabilities, passions and aspirations of the world's top talent, and use these insights to match this talent to each other, and to opportunities that can accelerate their impact.


ALG are looking for a Full Stack Developer to join their tech team at The Room and contribute to the development of amazing applications in support of their goal. Your mission should you accept it, will be to design, create and build tech that will serve the needs of both internal and external customers within The Room.



Role Responsibilities:

  • To design and develop software applications
  • To perform technical design reviews and code reviews
  • To perform peer reviews on source code to enusre reuse, scalability, and the use of best practices
  • To participate in collaborative technical discussions that focus on software user experience, design, architecture, and development



The Application Process:


Please note that all candidates are required to answer the application questions below. Your application will not be reviewed by the hiring manager, if these are not included within your application.


Please feel free to share your answers within the same document as your cover letter. Alternatively, you can share your answers in place of a cover letter.

  • Node.js Developer Questions:
    • How do you document your code?
    • What do you think about unit testing?
    • What Design Patterns you have used in your projects?
    • What are the most important performance issues in Node.js web applications?


  • React Developer Questions:
    • How do you document your code?
    • What do you think about unit testing?
    • What Design Patterns you have used in your projects?
    • What do you think about Typescript?
    • What are the most important performance issues in React web applications?



  • You have 4+ years of strong hands background in developing scalable applications
  • You are proficient in front end technologies like AngularJS/React, JSON
  • You have proficiency in server-side languages such as Node.js, Typescript and relevant frameworks
  • You have extensive knowledge of CSS and JS/ TS methods for highly responsive applications
  • You have experience coding HTML and JavaScript
  • You have strong experience in responsive design, cross-browser web applications
  • You have experience with cloud services, including AWS Infrastructure & Services
  • You are familiar with interfaces such as REST web services, swagger profiles, JSON payloads
  • You are familiar with dev-ops such as Git, Jira, Confluence and CI/CD
  • You have experience with microservice architecture
  • You are perfectionist who embraces failure


You Will Thrive At ALX & The Room If......

  • Initiative & courage: You have an owners' approach and you are proactive with what needs to be done, you embrace risks and failure
  • Humility & adaptability: You have a beginners' mindset and you always seek to learn, you are flexible and embrace pivoting
  • Possibility & adventure: You are passionate about life, you have a growth mindset and you can thrive on uncertain circumstances and uncharted territory
  • Resilience: You tackle difficult situations with a can-do attitude and are relentless in the pursuit of your goals
  • Emergent leadership: You are aware, and can manage your emotions and those of others very well, you also have an empathetic, collaborative approach to leadership and you love working with others
  • Purpose: You want to add meaning to your life by joining the movement that is transforming Africa, and the world, and experience your personal impact
  • Culture: You want to join fun and flexible and fearless work environment that empowers employees to be bold and disruptive
  • Growth: You want to be part of a world-class team from around the planet and create a career witihin the organization with vertical and lateral opportunities



  • Globally competitive salary

About African Leadership Group

At the African Leadership Group, we don’t view one billion African youth as a problem: we see a massive talent pool with the potential to become a source of untold global innovation, entrepreneurship, and prosperity for the continent and the world. 

Imagine millions of ethical leaders equipped to design empowering and just policy, and entrepreneurial leaders ready to create jobs and discover new ways to improve quality of life.


Over 15+ years, we’ve built a model that works:

  • POTENTIAL: We select young leaders with passion, courage, imagination, resilience, and good values
  • PRACTICE: We believe leadership is best developed through hands-on practice
  • NETWORKS: We connect leaders with access to capital, mentors, and collaborators to amplify their impact

A lifelong ecosystem for developing and placing leaders, African Leadership Group comprises:


African Leadership Academy
ALA, based in Johannesburg, is a globally recognized pre-university program that identifies high potential youth across the continent and then develops their leadership and entrepreneurial skills in a two year diploma program that empowers each of them for a lifetime of impact.

African Leadership University
ALU is an undergraduate and postgraduate institution that uses a unique and innovative learning model that integrates students’ learning with the real world, empowers students to take ownership of their own learning, ALU has two campuses—one in Mauritius and one in Rwanda. 

Launched in 2018, ALX is an unconventional “leadership accelerator” that distills the core leadership development programs offered at ALA and ALU into a low-cost, modular program that can rapidly accelerate the careers of young professionals.

The Room

At The Room, we work with the world's most ambitious doers to accelerate their impact. We do this by connecting exceptional people to each other and opportunities that allow them to do more for the world. Individuals from around the world find and share opportunities, events, networks and resources to co-create a collective where opportunity and talent meet. The Room as a platform is here to support members to become the best version of themselves while sharing in the joy and fulfillment of helping others do the same.